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Captain America: Winter Soldier Vol. 1 & 2

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Issues #1-7 - The Red Skull has gained possession of the Cosmic Cube but only for a short time as he is assassinated in New York City. Sharon Carter, Steve Roger's ex-girlfriend informs Rogers of the Red Skull's death. From here on Captain America along with the help of Nick Fury and Sharon Carter try to track down the person now in possession of the Cosmic Cube. There are a lot of flashback scenes Captain America is having about the war some of which include Baron Zemo. Some of these memories Captain America begins to question as he doesn't remember these events happening that way so he starts to look for answers. Crossbones makes an appearance as well as the Invaders(Human Torch and Namor.) There's an issue about Jack Monroe and the events in the last few months of his life. 

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Issues #8-9, #11-14 - In these issues a lot more is explained about the Winter Soldier. Steve finds a confidential file about the WInter Soldier in his apartment and it shows the origin of the Winter Soldier and all the things they have done to Bucky and had him do for them. Steve is real hurt after reading the file and he just wants to save Bucky as he feels there's still a little bit of the real Bucky inside the WInter Soldier. Captain America's old friend Falcon makes an appearance and helps aid Cap in his search for the Cosmic Cube and Bucky. Eventually Rogers finds the WInter Soldier and they engage in battle. Captain America used the Cosmic Cube to make Bucky remember who he really is but the Winter Soldier then uses it to escape. 

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Overall the two volumes can be a little confusing with all the flashbacks but there is a lot of action to satisfy you and the art is decent throughout all the issues. The origin on the Winter Soldier was great and it was nice to see old characters like Falcon, Human Torch and Namor. Any Captain America fan should read this. I'm not saying it's the best Captain America comic but it is one you to read at least once.

Rating - 3.5/5


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