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A Brother in Arms

(This is my first review so try to keep the angry mobs with pitchforks and torches to a minimum)
The Theater of War one shots have been incredible. In this installment of the series, A Brother in Arms, the stellar writing by Paul Jenkins really works well with the art of John McCrea. These days stories of wars gone by are few and far between and most of them can not hold a candle to stories many of us grew up with in the pages of titles like Star Spangled War Stories, Our Army at War, and even The 'Nam. I have to admit growing up I never went for war comics and I did not really find them until my late teens but ever since then war comics have had and will always have a special spot in my collection and my heart.

Most of the best war genre comics have come from DC for some reason and Marvel has rarely been able to put out an authentic representation of the time period, probably because they chose to include their costumed heroes and villains in most of their war stories. The Theater of War one shots has changed that and the costumed characters have stepped out of the spotlight to refocus on the men in uniform. Many of the concepts in these pages are not new but they paint a picture of what it was like in that period of time in those types of situations. The sensibilities and morals of our parents and grandparents and all that have gone before us shine through like a beacon, they did not fight for politics or power they fought to protect the man fighting next to them, the rest of their brothers in arms, and for the chance to return to their friends and families back home.

If you love classic war stories or are feeling nostalgic I really would recommend giving the Theater of War one shots a try, I doubt you will be disappointed.

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