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The Fate Of Bucky Will Be Decided

The Story: 

The entire world has found out that Bucky Barnes used to be the Winter Soldier and now faces trial for the crimes he committed. 

My Thoughts:

Longtime Captain America writer Ed Brubaker takes this series in a bold new direction by practically bringing Buck Barnes reign as Captain America to a sudden, unexpected crash ending. Bucky has been filling in as Captain America since his best friend Steve Rogers death. Even after Rogers returned, he still wore the mantle as Captain America 

I like how Brubaker opened the story by showing the reactions of other Avengers members. The most vocal of the Avengers should come as no surprise; Hawkeye. Always known to be outspoken, Hawkeye gives both Rogers and Barnes a piece of his mind. It was just a nice way to show mixed reactions to the news and that not everyone is going to be so forgiving. I like the predicament Brubaker has put Bucky in. It's realistic and makes complete sense. The outcome was unpredictable and exciting. I'm curious to see what happens next now.

During the whole time the media is eating up this event, Master Man frees the Red Skulls daughter Sin from prison. Sin being the new Red Skull begins to set a plan in motion that's perhaps more devious than her fathers. She threatens to blow up the statue Of Liberty unless Bucky turns himself over. At the same time she has both Falcon and Black Widow held captive which motivates Bucky to race there even though he's suppose to remain in federal custody. 

The artwork is by Butch Guice except for the first issue which was done by Daniel Acuna. I'm not the biggest fan of Daniel Acuna's work. It's just simply not my cup of tea. Butch Guice is an artist I don't mind at all. While I admit he's no Steve Epting, he does step in and do a pretty great job on this series. There were multiple inkers who inked Guice's pencils which made some pages look more polished than others. The covers were nicely designed and a great compliment to this epic story.

This was another great installment to one of Marvel's best series of the past decade. Marvel architect Ed Brubaker knows how to write intriguing and compelling stories, especially stories about Captain America. His run on Captain America should be read and a part of every comic fans collection. It's literally that good. 

Rating: 5/5

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