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Jack Kirby would be spinning in his grave

I know I said I'd be gone for good cause of all the censorship Nazis on this site but I simply could not hold my tongue for this film. I have waited to see this film for over 3 years ever since the Super soldier serum was shown back in the Incredible hulk back in 2008 and let me just say thank god for the Avengers teaser at the end of the movie or I would have walked away completely disappointed cause this film compared to all the other marvel cinematic universe films that have come out over the past few years was terrible just terrible and your about to find out why...

I love Captain America he is one of my all time favorite characters in comics I even met Joe Simon back in his apartment last March where he Signed a copy of one of his private sketches of cap and Bucky I have that very sketch framed and hanging on my wall as I write this I could have told him what I thought of his most beloved characters latest movie but honestly I didn't have the heart to he himself has said he's just happy to see cap on the big screen and I'm going to let him have it that way after all he's done he's earned it. Now let me just say The Actors in this movie were great they were born to play these roles I just wanted to make it clear it wasn't there fault at all for why I didn't like this movie as much as I would have liked to. Here's the 4 big reasons why I didn't like this movie....

#1 NO NAZIS!!!! Yeah they are mentioned a thousand times and the Red Skull even kills some Nazi officers but come on I don't care about Cap fighting Hydra there a fictional terrorist organization and you can never get the same satisfaction as you would seeing an All American Icon unleash hell upon the most evil group of mass murdering psychopaths in history. I guess they wanted to be all PC about things so as not to offend any Germans and honestly I don't think Germans should be offended by seeing Nazis Killed unless they of course are or were Nazis themselves and if that's the case does anyone really give a crap what they have to say plus the movie is called CAPTAIN AMERICA why would they see it any way.?

#2 For a Super Soldier Cap didn't seem all that super in this movie challenge me on this I dare you go and compare Tim Roth after he is given the super soldier serum in Incredible Hulk which wasn't even the full treatment I might add to Captain America and tell me who seems faster and stronger to you? Cause I was waaaaaay more impressed by Tim Roth as a Super Soldier than Captain America. Cap seemed slow and this and they never really managed to show him doing any amazing feats of speed or strength and the one chance they had to really show us what being a Super Soldier is (the scene where Capt has to jump across the fiery gap after his 1st fight with Red Skull) they cut away just as he starts his jump!

#3 THE UNBEARABLY LONG MONTAGES!!! Yeah Montages were awesome....BACK IN THE 70's & 80'S PEOPLE!!! I mean my god that whole montage of Cap in the USO Shows took forever I'm sitting there going is it done yet? Is it done yet? Is it done yet and it was so boring for gods sake and do you know what the second act of this film was guess go on guess can't figure it out? I'll tell you it was....ANOTHER STINKING MONTAGE!!! It was just Cap and the Howling Commandos attacking Hydra facilities in montage format boring as can be I never EVER like seeing montages in super hero film the only thing they belong in are sports movies cause everything else they featured in take away from the story.

#4 X-Men Origins Wolverine. Not sure what I mean by that? for those of you that have seen that abomination think about how the supporting characters were developed was it like deep and thoughtful like most movies where you get the feeling of all the players and watch as they help build up the story and make it all that much better for us the audience or was it like HI I'M A FAN FAVORITE GOTTA RUN I SEE THE PRODUCERS WAVING MY CHECK OFF SCREEN!!! If you picked option 2 than NO $%&#ING CRAP!!! I mean Bucky, The Howling Commandos, Arnim Zola, Peggy Charter, Howard Stark, Red Skull even none of them were developed enough to help the story I mean when Bucky died I just didn't care and I should have cause he's Bucky Cap's Partner and Replacement but he wasn't developed at all in the story so when he dies it's like big deal it's like seeing a nobody get killed in an alien invasion type movie yeah it sucks someone died but is it going to affect my day in anyway or put me in a bad mood or a lust for vengeance? Nope I'm going to just sit there and pick at the popcorn stuck in my teeth till something important happens.

One thing I loved in this movie were the scenes between Cap and Dr. Erskine they were great and are probably one of the few aspects of this film aside from the effects and the ever awesome Tommy Lee Jones that make me want to see this movie again.

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