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Inside the Daily Bugle briefing room, a fight ensues. Falcon does not want to be captured. Captain America attempts to call a cease fire but is unsuccessful. The Falcon attempts to escape by throwing a chair through the window but it stopped by soldiers crashing through the window in his pursuit. Just about when it all is going south, The Scarlet Witch comes to everyone's rescue and stops time. All but Captain America and Falcon are frozen in time.

Captain America gives the Scarlet Witch a hard time because she wasn't supposed to get involved in this mess. She reminds him that it's already too late as she has the bio weapon and introduces him to Yellowjacket (aka Hank Pym). Captain America didn't see him come in with Wanda as he was small as a...yellow jacket.

Yellowjacket comes with good news...the Luke Cage's blood sample has lended some important information. Using his blood, they have made an AVX subsitute. Yellowjacket gives Cap some samples and instructs him to try them on the "anti-cap". He, Yellowjacket, also informs Cap that the bio weapon isn't a weapon at all--it's DNA.

Now on the escape, Cap and Falcon jump out the windows. They are now being pursued by two Apache attack helicopters. Falcon is trying out this new suit given to him by the Black Panther. He claims that it is more bulletproof and his new wings are easily configured to various "cruising configurations" programmed in with ROMs. The Falcon diverts the attention of the helicopters and Captain America heads for the Black Panther's house via taxi.

Inside Black Panther's place of residence, Captain America heads to where they're keeping anti-cap to try out the new patches. He informs him that these patches are designed to help him with his withdrawal symptoms. Captain America begins to have some flashbacks about Bucky and notices that the Scarlet Witch is also there with him at Black Panthers. Captain America and the Scarlet Witch kiss (see cover)

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