Captain America & the Falcon #5

    Captain America & the Falcon » Captain America & the Falcon #5 - Jimmy's Way released by Marvel on September 1, 2004.

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    Captain America and the Falcon are heading towards Cap's house in Brooklyn when they notice that there are some thugs waiting outside Cap's appartment. The Falcon approaches one of them and begins a harsh interrogation. Cap calls him off and states that the damage has already been done and that his appartment is already been ransacked. Captain American and the Falcon are trying to piece together who was behind this break-in and are undecided. They believe, however, that their most likely candidate is the Rivas Drug Cartel. Cap and Falcon know that the Rivas Drug Cartel and the US counter-terrorism department have uncovered a bio weapon which is supposed to be for World War III whenever it comes. After discovering this "bug" Captain America stole it and everyone has been after him ever since.

    As they're checking out his appartment, they get ambushed by thugs and make a quick get-a-way through the alley where they are picked up in a taxi by Wanda (aka "the Scarlet Witch").

    Elsewhere, at the Daily Bugle, J. Jonah Jameson is speaking with Nick Fury and an Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) agent. Col. Fury admits that they purposely set up Falcon to "flush out" the rogue "super soldier" from the Navy's experimental labs. They're all trying to negotiate terms to get all involved to surrender, they want both Falcon and the rogue agent to come in for questioning/arrest.

    Captain America and Falcon head for Luke Cage's (aka "Power Man") apartment in Harlem. They find him sleeping and try to wake him up quietly. He, Luke Cage, gets startled and tackles them through a wall or two in fright. After the dust settles, they ask Luke for a sample of his blood. They want a sample of his blood to prove that this rogue ONI agent has the same chemicals in his blood as does Luke Cage. They're assuming that ONI has gotten this "anti-cap" on AVX to give him powers similar to Luke Cage as an experiement. After getting a sample they hop back in the taxi and have Wanda take them to...somewhere...when she reveals that she has the bio weapon with her. Captain America orders her to stop the car and gets out. He believes that she has broken national security by brining that sort of thing inside the country.

    Cap and Falcon go and visit Black Panther. They give him the blood sample and visit the "anti-cap" who's being held hostage. Captain America is holding him there on Wakandian soil because if he turns him over to the authorities, he is afraid that he will be killed. Cap is torn between a rock and a hard spot, if he keeps him he thinks he's violating his civil rights and if he turns him in they'll probably kill him for suspicion of being a terrorist. What do they do? Cap would like Dr. Tambak to synthesize an AVX synthetic to help neutralize the "anti-caps" powers..if they just let him go cold-turkey they're afraid that he'll go into withdrawals and die.

    Finally, Cap and Falcon head for the meeting between Col. Fury, Jonah, and the ONI agent. They all demand that Cap turns over anti cap to them and he refuses. Jonah orders Falcon's arrest...


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