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Cap Hydra starts off really good.

Very controversial issue which starts off a Nick Spencer run on the Steve Rogers, (Mr Spencer has been writing Sam Wilson for quite some time durning the start). After Avengers Standoff Steve has returned to proper form thanks to the power of Kobik (or is it, ssshhh spoilers :) returned to active duty while giving permission to Sam Wilson to keep his Shield. Issue starts off with a flashback to Steve past as expanded in Rick Remender run. After this we jump back to the present doing a mission for Shield in fast speeding Train, which has been taken over by Hydra. We see some more action and see Red Skull motivating his troops. Some people compared this to Donald Trump, but Nick Spencer wasn't the one who started this. Rick Remender started this in his Uncanny Avengers. Anyway in short this book is really good. Give this book a chance, be more open to changes.

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