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Captain America: Dare to be Different

Captain America: Steve Rogers is a hot topic right about now due to certain things happening in the first issue, but let's not dwell on that.

The issue shows a crisp, clean and clear art style throughout the first issue. Each event gets their own little flavour through the use of specific colours, really allowing you to focus on some of the finer details. It's pretty neat and I hope it keeps up the pace through the rest of the issues.

The dialogue managed to catch me off guard. It deals with morality, current events throughout the world and it isn't pulling any punches either. Regardless of what side you agree with, it does look like it'll be more than your average Good vs Evil conflict, which is always welcome.

The story shows more of Steve Roger's history in flashback moments. There are also a lot of things happening in the present time. It's exciting and you really end up wondering what the story is going to do. How far are they willing to go.

Personal Recommendation:
Worth a purchase. It's going to be a wild ride. I'm hoping I'm there to enjoy it.

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