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This story follows Captain America and the Human Torch as the Torch recalls an encounter from when he first became a superhero, from way back when he was young. In the story, a man dressed like Captain America and signing autographs attempts to stop a escape car, and Human Torch tries to help, only getting the cold shoulder, and Torch realizes it's not the real Captain America.

Johnny then returned to his girlfriend's apartment, where she is raving about how great Captain America is, but she does not like Human Torch. He burns her linoleum after getting in an argument, and is dumped because of his powers, which she doesn't like.

The fake Captain America then frees some criminals from jail and lets them go. They get involved in a car chase, and the Torch captures them. Torch emphasizes how Cap was trapped in the artic, much to the modern day Cap's dismay. Torch then sees the fake Cap robbing a bank, and Torch goes after him. He is attacked by a mop, much to the modern day Cap's amusement.

The fake Cap tricks Johnny into an asbestos lined truck, where he thinks he has Johnny beat. Johnny tricks him and explodes the truck, then capturing him. Back in the future, Cap and Johnny capture the same guy, revealed to be the Acrobat, and old Captain America foe, and they recapture him again.



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Super Sonic Acrobatic Rocket Powered Captain Americas 0

This issue we join an exasperated Captain America and an embarrassed Human Torch for a retelling of the Torch’s run in with an imposter (as previously seen in Strange Tales 114). Strap yourselves in because this is one of the funniest comics I’ve ever read. Mark Waid has gifted us a wonderfully tongue in cheek retelling of one Johnny Storm’s earliest adventures. We get a beautiful title, Captain America’s increasing disbelief of Johnny’s incredulous tale, a wonderf...

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