Would he be more boss if he had a gun?

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I loved Bucky as Cap, not just because he was a far more interesting character, but also because he was far more boss. His outfit, his weaponry, his attitude - it was way more blunt than Steve. Steve's a bit of a joke, when you think about it. Don't get me wrong, I like his character, but let's just say I could like him alot more if he was more boss.
By boss, I mean, he should at least have some form of firearm. The shield is iconic, yes, but look at Ultimate Cap - he regularly totes weaponry. Bucky's Cap was awesome because he would shoot AIM henchmen and rogues and they would be like "WTF?! CAP DOESN'T SHOOT PEOPLE!" and he'd be like 'umad?', which, therefore, makes it so much more awesome.

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He should never use guns!He stands for Truth,Justice,and the Americ-

Oh wait a minute,he's not Dc,Then he can use guns.

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Nah. He's used guns though.

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I think the fact that he can kick the asses of a room full of thugs with guns without one is enough proof that he is a badass, that being said he is a soldier and will pick up a gun if he has to.

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he's used guns in the past, particularly before the comics code went into place. I see no reason why he wouldn't. After all the right to bare arms is in the constitution, if he really wants to represent the American spirit he should. (joking)

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Yeah give him a 1911 with armor piercing 45 and he's boss.

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#7 Posted by sinestro_GL (3651 posts) - - Show Bio

Batman is a BAWSS because he can kick the asses of armed thugs without pulling a trigger.

If Captain America had a gun, it would make him less of a badass.

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Its funny because thats an AK-47

im pretty sure 616 steve has used guns before, im personally indifferent as to whether he uses them or not.

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Cap should not use guns as standard gear.

Bucky is cool but in my oppinion he should still be dead.

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#10 Posted by The_Peter_Cosmic (410 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm fine with him using guns if the situation somehow calls for it, but I believe he's feels like he's much more effective with the shield at this point. He could, for instance, conceivably stagger the Hulk very briefly with a good smack of his shield's edge to the Hulk's face, but a bullet wouldn't even tickle.

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Cap has used guns before, most rcently in Fear Itself when the Serpent destroyed his shield. But he feels, for the most part, that he (with his shield) is just as, if not more so, effective, and it never runs out of ammo.

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Only when he's in a fire fight. Otherwise no.

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He is a soldier and he has used guns but he's mostly iconic for using his vibranium shield and his overall physical skills and abilities to beat the shit outta people.

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Don't like Cap using guns.

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He's a soldier, so the idea of him using other weapons such as guns shouldn't be an issue.

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It shouldn't make a huge difference if he uses one or not. Ultimate Cap and film cap both did, but neither as a primary weapon.

I don't see any issue with him using one, but I don't want him to be defined by it.

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He shot this one guy in an older issue and spent days crying about it. Stick with the shield, Cap.

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Dumbass, he uses guns all the time

Check yourself. There's no need to go name-calling.

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@captainamerica119: Clam down, bro. No need to be insulting. Especially on a thread that's been dormant for months.

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