The crack in the shield??

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At the end of Fear Itself Cap gets his shield fixed and chooses to keep the crack in it as a reminder of what happened during the events of fear itself. As im reading the avengers books, the Cap books, and any time Cap is featured in any book, im always looking for the crack in the shield, but can never seem to locate it. I figured that if they made a point to say something about it in an event changing book that the characters would have changes in books that take place after the event itself. Looking at Cap the artists always put a lot of detail into his costume with his chest piece mail, so i assume that they would be able to put as much attention into a scar on shield. If artists are just overlooking this then it just makes the whole fear itself moment not as meaningful. Has anyone else noticed this? have you spotted the scarred shield, and if so where?


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Maybe they forgot.

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Same thing happened with Marc Spectors scar

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Marvel do stuff and a week after that they forget about it.That's why I like DC more.

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@TDK_1997 said:

Marvel do stuff and a week after that they forget about it.That's why I like DC more.

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I don't think artists care enough to remember to draw such an "insignificant" detail. It might appear at some point in future, randomly, but don't really count on it.

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This is just another case of Marvel not following through with their own decisions.

The crack in Cap's shield may indeed show up at some point in the future (it probably will) but it's significance is lessened by Marvel's inconsistency.

As a side note; I don't like Cap having a crack in his shield and I'd like it to be ignored or forgotten forever.

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