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I read somewhere that Captain America was adept at every form of martial arts and he could master a martial art in a short time because he can skip the physical process and go straight to the technique. Is that canon or non-canon?

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@Kyzuko: I dont think he is adept in every form of martial arts, that doesnt make sense to me. He is very skilled no doubt, but he isnt in the top tier of martial artists in the Marvel universe.

It is true that he can master a martial arts in shorter time than a normal man, since as you said he can go straight to the technique and dont need the physical and flexibility training.

It have never been specified how many martial arts Cap. actually masters but its been stated that he is adapt in Jujutsu, Judo, Aikido and American Boxing. He have however been seen using weapons and techniques from various different styles, such as eskrima sticks, and im pretty sure he have been shown using Kung-Fu and much more. How he have learned this, i dont know exactly, since many of his shown moves are from martial arts that was first invented after WW2 which is strange since he got much of his training prior that., plus it was at that time very uncommon for eastern martial artists to train westerners. He may have simply picked it up from experiance, by fighting ninjas and suchs.

There is no doubt that Steve is a very able hand to hand fighter.

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@Kyzuko: @Skunkstein:

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Captain America is indeed adept at every form of H2H combat known to man. While being a master in Boxing, Judo, Kickboxing and a few others.

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Black Panther thinks to himself "He (Cap) adapts instinctively to every situation, every fighting style."

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And Black Panther has studied every fighting style in the world. (I add this scan only because some people say "Well how many martial arts styles does Black Panther even know?" when I use the Cap and Black Panther scan. The answer is heknows all.)

Cap is one of the best combatants in Marvel Earth. Beating or stalemating established martial arts masters such as, Daredevil, Black Panther, Iron Fist, Taskmaster, etc, etc. IMO, Cap is definately one of the top tier martial artsist in the MU.

I hope this helps.

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Thanks for the replies.

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