has Josiah X and Steve ever fought each other

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and if they did who won

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That would another great test for two different type of soldiers. One from WW2 and the other from Vietnam. Both supersoldiers and with different ideas and background. Now that's a fight I love to see and get. Got to admit, if such a fight did happen...Marvel can't water it down as they did with Deathlok (Luthor Manning) fighting Captain America back in the Eighties. Many of us still believe that Captain America would have lost a fight against someone who is a cyborg, assassin and former black op soldier. Otherwords...more perfect as a killing machine than man.

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i dont think they ever fought. but if they did, steve easy.

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I don't think so, but Cap would easily dominate

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I'm given this one to Josiah, he probably does not play fair.

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