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A story of how one man can make a difference.

   Going into the comic store, I noticed how this one comic stood out among the others. There was something different about it, something actually interesting, I wonder why Marvel would focus on a hero from the 40's and 50's with a four part limited series about this guy who barely saw any spotlight within the Marvel Universe. 
Marvel fans would actually get a refresh look into the life and history of that one hero who never reached no fame within the modern world, the Patriot. So is this comicbook worth the money and time about some hero who's a wannabe Captain America? Well lets take a look inside and see if this guy was the original ass kicker that we all once loved a way longtime ago. 
   The Storytelling: 
   Well if you don't know who the hell this guy is, this comic actually covers that for you as we see the how and why Jeffery Mace decided to become involved wearing a costume and fighting crime. Karl Kesel would do an outstanding job with his storytelling as we not only see the lifestyle of The Patriot, but also the reason why he's taking up a costume and fighting crime on the homefront.  
Everything you think about this guy when you learn about him is seen in this comicbook, and its uncanny how he actually realizes that he's just a normal man who's judged as a wannabe Captain America. Just about every low blow that this poor fellow can face is shown into this comic. Its even sad when we see how Jeffery Mace can't participate in the war because of the same reason why I almost got kicked out of the Marines, FLAT FEET, I kid you not, military hates duck feet people. But the poor fellow wants to be involved, even after helping Captain America stop some baddies, Jeffery Mace was a man inspired to fight the battles at the home front while Captain America fought outside the United States, more like National Guard superheroes. 
Patriot would be seen as a really convincing character who's trying to be involved and fight for his country, but wearing a costume and fighting Nazi spies and criminals would later get the best of Jeffery when he realizes that he's the only superhero with no powers, but what hits Jeffery really hard is when the war ended. 
I really liked how Karl Kesel would have his storytelling historically correct with both Marvel and realistic, im actually suprised that this DC veteran is writing about Marvel history and doing one hell of a good job of displaying one its minor characters that many modern Marvel fans would never know about.  
The Artwork: 
   Both Mitch and Bettie Breitweiser did an outstanding job with this comic and showing how convincing their storytelling really is. Facial reactions, the body language, and even the background really hit the realism and old original look for a storyline that’s trying to dig itself into the history. I would actually buy any comic book just because of these two artists, very detailed and expressive. Probably the biggest highlight for me with this one issue is how we see Jeffery's reaction when he starts realizing that taking up the name Patriot was starting to become a bad idea or a mistake. Seeing Jeff with a face that say's "What the hell have I gotten myself into", that was priceless. 
Plus, I love how the cover is displayed, more like a dynamic pose for an original hero who's trying to make a difference in the world. I also love the lettering on the cover, that silverish color really makes this comic stand out and very interesting as well.  

The Heroes:

Well, seeing that there are no baddies in this comic, there is a do-gooder that really takes the spotlight in this comic. I would actually compare Patriot here to those costume idiots down in Washington D.C. But unlike them, Patriot had a "REAL" reason why he decided to take up a costume and kick some ass, but we would also see a lesson of a normal man taking up heroics and how hard it may be for people to lead a career as a costumed hero, your going to start to realize that fitting into the superhero community within the Marvel Universe isn't what you planned for. 

The Verdict: 

I was unexpecting the results of this comic to absolutely amaze me and that I would label this historic Masterpiece as 


There are a few glitches with the artwork that you'll barely notice, but overall, I would label this as a perfect comicbook that succeeded on explaining itself to the audience. Captain America Patriot issue #1 is nice comic that takes you into the past and give you a less blocky stiff  story to where alot of imagination is used to make out whats really going on and more of a storyline that is explained through realism.   
I liked how this issue shows more into the Governments ideas for Captain America and that this comic is seen through the eye's of The Patriot. I highly doubt that this one issue would fail you in any for or way, because of the excitement, the suspense, the drama, and the build up for the next issue would most likely have you give this issue no less than four stars, despite how harsh you want to be with it. 
So if you haven't had the chance to dive yourself into some Marvel History and read up on this historical masterpiece, then I recommend for you to pick this one issue up when you go to your local comicbook store. 
Im that Badguy saying thankyou for reading and I do hope you enjoy this wonderful Patriotic comic if you ever get the chance to read it. 

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