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    The series that brought forth the most iconic World War Two legend in the Marvel Universe, Captain America and his young ally Bucky Barnes. The team fought against the Axis, such as the Nazi's and the Japanese. The series changed it's title to Captain America's Weird Tales for issues 74 and 75 after witch the series was put on hiatus. Four years later the series returned, now simply as "Captain America" with issues #76-78. It was later revealed (ret-conned) that the last 3 issues of the series star William Burnside and Jack Munroe (Nomad) as Captain America and Bucky during the 1950's when the original team was presumed dead. The two thought of themselves as the true Cap and Bucky however.

    The series ended with issue 78. It would take almost 10 years before Captain America returned in the pages of The Avengers. He later got his own starring role in Tales of Suspense.

    Collected Editions

    There is a rare two hardcover slipcase edition that collects the early run by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby called Captain America: The Classic Years.

    Non-U.S. Collected Editions


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