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    Captain America Comics » Captain America Comics #1 - Meet Captain America released by Marvel on March 1941.

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    Meet Captain America

    In Washington the US government is discussing a plan to stop enemies from secretly joining their ranks and sabotaging them from the inside. Que J. Arthur Grover head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation has a plan to stop such things.

    Mister Grover leads the disguised army officials to an innocent looking shop of curiosities, but the shop is far from that. An old woman behind the counter leads the men through the building to a heavily barred door where it is opened by a scientist. Inside the room they find a laboratory. The old woman they've been following removes her face, revealing it was a mask to hide her identity. This young beautiful woman was Agent X-13. Afterwards the men have a seat in an adjacent room with a large window and await the new experiment about to begin.

    Inside the room they witness a frail young man who volunteered to take part in the procedure next to a scientist by the name of Professor Reinstein. Professor Reinstein injects the young man with a strange seething liquid, moments later the young man isn't so frail as his muscles start to grow. Professor Reinstein displays the now changed man as Captain America, America's savior against the saboteurs, spies, and enemies.

    The success is soon short lived as one of the men led in by agent X-13 jumps out of his chair and begins opening fire at Mister Grover and Reinstein, killing Reinstein and shattering the serum that transformed Captain America. Captain America pulls the spy through the glass window and gives him a few good punches; the assassin starts to stumble back into some laboratory equipment, electrocuting himself to death.

    Fast forward, Captain America has been busy fighting terrorists and spies a young Bucky Barnes, Camp Lehigh's boy mascot tells Private Steve Rogers all about it. That night Bucky walks into Roger's tent only to discover Captain America and Steve Rogers are one in the same. Seeing little choice Steve accepts Bucky as Captain America's young crime fighting partner.

    No Man But Captain America Could Solve the Riddle!

    Captain America and his sidekick Bucky investigate a couple of suspicious individuals who claim to predict the future. The two men have already correctly predicting Fort Bix would get destroyed in an explosion.

    Under the guise of Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes they sit in on Sando and Omar's act. Sando and Omar being the two "clairvoyants". As Omar starts to predict a bridge collapse Captain America and Bucky quickly make their move only to hear a explosion. Captain America leaps at the pair taking out Sando in one punch as Bucky chases after Omar.

    After hearing a women's scream, Cap races toward a back room where the scream originated. Upon entering he witnesses Betty Ross and Bucky being held hostage by a bunch of Nazi saboteurs. Without missing a beat Captain America begins his assault on the men and Bucky manages to free himself. In a last ditch effort the newly revealed Sando Von Krantz pulls out a bomb. Bucky disarms Krantz of the bomb and tosses it from the window saving everyone inside. Our heroes then leave Miss Ross as she waits for the FBI.

    Captain America and the Chessboard of Death!

    In a shoddy old basement in a shoddy run down house awaits Rothcone and his flunkies. Rothcone is using his chessboard to strategize who he will have assassinated in the United States Army.

    The first target that catches the creep's eye is Admiral Perkins who's found dead on stage in a theater. Captain America and Bucky chase down the suspect known only as 15 by his men. Bucky is able to catch up to him pretty easily but 15 pulls out a knife. Captain America bull rushes him causing the knife to fall and to allow Cap to question the man. However before he can talk he, Bucky, and Captain America are fired upon by his own men. Captain America luckily deflects the bullets with his shield protecting himself and Bucky.

    Later back at camp Private Rogers and Bucky are sent on a special assignment to watch over General Ellsworth, but upon getting to his tent the duo discover the General is dead having been strangled to death.

    Afterwards seeing Captain America and Bucky as the next threat to his plan Rothcone puts them on the list only he wants them alive. Herr Kamelon orders the man who strangled the general to fill out this plan. The strangler or 13 has he is referred to by Herr Kamelon lures Bucky to Rothcone's hideout telling the boy he's taking him to the person doing the murders. Bucky agrees, but not before writing a note for Steve and leaving it in his tent.

    When Bucky makes it down to the basement of the villain's hideout he is confronted by Rothcone who knocks him out. Just as this was happening Private Steve Rogers discovers Bucky's note and makes his way to Rothcone's hideout. Captain America dispatches "13" on the way to the basement it is there that he is met with a tied up Bucky and a gun in his back. Captain America kicks the Chessboard at Rothcone then continue to make quick work of him. Shortly after the confrontation Captain America unties Bucky and they defeat the incoming assassins. Once dealt with the two look around and find the enemy's plans, ending any future involvement the group was and will be partaking in.

    The Riddle of the Red Skull

    After a normal day of dropping off Major Croy at his home, Private Steve Rogers warns the major of a suspicious Red Skull card he had gotten earlier. The major however writes it off as a prank and goes about his business, sending Rogers and Bucky on their way. Little did the major know the Red Skull sneaked into his home right behind him while he read. The fiendish Red Skull began to strangle the major spouting out "Look at death! Look at death!" before leaving the major's lifeless body.

    Later the body is discovered by Steve and Bucky, they do the right thing and phone the police. While the police officer is busy with the crime scene Steve and Bucky take this chance to change into their alter egos Captain America and Bucky. Captain America heads off on his own telling Bucky to stay put; however the stubborn boy that he is heads off on his own to look for the Red Skull. While investigating Bucky accidentally stumbles onto the hideout of the the Red Skull when he peers through a sunroof of a building, but he ends up alerting the guards to his presence and gets himself captured.

    Their victory would not last long however because Captain America charges in and helps Bucky defeat the group of terrorists, but the Red Skull did manage to escape after using a secret escape door. Seeing little else they could do the two heroes head back for camp. While at camp the company witnesses a flight test with George Maxon of Maxon Aircraft Corporation. The test goes wrong causing the plane to crash leaving Steve to worry about the men on board, while Maxon only cared about the plane.

    After General Charles Manor, who oversaw the test heads home his wife gives him a package that came for him. The general opens the package only to discover a red skull and a card signed by the Red Skull saying that his number was up. Moments later the Red Skull makes his move strangling the general all the while saying "Look at death!" until the life fades from him. Soon after the general's wife rushes in pistol in-hand to discover the corpse of her now late husband, but shes no match for the Red Skull who smacks her away.

    Before the villain could make his escape however, Captain America charges in and tackles the Red Skull. After a handful of blows back and forth the Red Skull manages to knock Captain America out cold. Just as he was about to take the life from him Bucky flanks the Red Skull biding enough time to allow Captain America to wake up and throw a punch at his foe causing the Red Skull's "skull" to shatter, revealing it was just a mask.

    Underneath the mask they discover it to be Mister Maxon and that he was using a type of poison to kill his victims. While confronting him about it Maxon tries to escape but Bucky tackles him only to have Maxon roll over on his own poisonous needle. Afterwards Bucky questions Cap as to why he didn't stop it from happening, but Captain America leaves it alone. The two later discover on Maxon's body that he had a letter from Hitler stating that when America was in Nazi control Maxon would be given the post of Minister of all American Industry for his "excellent spy work" thus revealing his motivation.

    Murder LTD.

    A story featuring the Hurricane.

    Stories from the Dark Ages

    A story featuring Tuk the Caveboy.


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    Learn Some Captain America History 0

    Hitler doesn't actually get punched out in this issueOne of the most sought-after Golden Age comics is Captain America #1 from March of 1941. Recently it has squeaked into the tenth position on the top 10 list of most valuable comics. But how does it rank in terms of story and art? I thought it was time we went back and took a look at the star-spangled hero's first appearance.Captain America, the all-star hero was created by the all-star team of Joe Simon and Jack Kirby. The first story in Capta...

    9 out of 9 found this review helpful.

    Captain America #1 0

    By The Angry Comic Book Critic                       Well as the only reviewer as far as I know who reviews golden age comics on this site I thought it's about time I shed some light on the All American Hero and no talking about GI Joe those guys aren't jack shit compared to this guy. I give you the one, the only the original, the man who needs no introduction but I'm giving him one anyways CAPTAIN AMERICA. He's the embodiment of what it means to love your country and for a guy who fights Nazi p...

    4 out of 4 found this review helpful.

    Captain America comics review#1 0

    First thing I noticed is the quality of the colors of the comic, when you compare it to DC I think it's impressive (maybe it's the version I had access that wasn't very nice either.,..). In general the issue is cool. it contains the intro of cap & bucky, lots of actions, villains including the rec skull... but even if it's a golden age classic, I give it only two stars, in my opinion, chapters are too quick to read.....

    1 out of 1 found this review helpful.
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