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Who's side are you on? The internal battle

The Russo brothers once again deliver another spectacular performance with an all-star cast of the most popular superhero team in the mainstream world today. Unlike previous MCU movies, this one focused on the primarily on the issues of consequences, something that almost never gets addressed in huge superhero gatherings like this, perhaps for the first time where the individual members know one another very well. A good mixture of action, storytelling, character development and humor keeps the viewer engaged without the need to concentrate too much on a complex but understandable plot. Specific instances from across the timeline are revealed to fit perfectly into the following chain of events that eventually lead to the showdown we have been waiting for, with a well explained reasoning behind the conflict. This movie has everything there is to make it enjoyable for all audiences.


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Posted By RavenVice01

It was great. I just felt denied that there was no Red Hulk or Hulk because they too hav a stake in this geo-poitical war. Plus having Zemo as a meek manipulator and no skills with a sword was a let down.

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