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That's a story mainly about the Cosmic Cube!

The Cosmic Cube is glowing again and three reactions begin because of that. First in another galaxy the Supreme Intelligence talks to the Shaper of Worlds about it, the enemies commanders of the Krees and the Skrulls are together again to avoid a disgrace. Second reaction: in Ohio a man named Wundarr, known as Aquarian, senses something in the air and changes his route flying away towards another direction. The third reaction happens inside an AIM base, where some workers have been monitoring the cube for years until now, then he warns that they are going to retrieve the Cosmic Cube.

Suddenly all units and ships of AIM fly towards the American Government Base (PEGASUS) where the Cube is and attacks it with full power. The employees call for help and the only avenger in the mansion that received the call is Captain America. He flies with Avengers Quinjet towards the base, because he knows the Cosmic Cube is in there.

Minutes later he arrives and see a huge explosion in the base while the AIM ships fire towards it. Then the sensors inside the Quinjet accuse something strange - it is a man walking away from the battle with the Cube in his hands! The man is Aquarian and because of his serenity the Cube doesn't glow is his hands and the World is balanced again. But Captain doesn't know what his intentions are and ask him to stop. After recognizing Wundarr, Captain says he had a mind of a kid when they met last time, to what Wundarr replies saying the Cube modified him. Cap asks him to leave the Cube and go, but Aquarian replies again saying it is better and safer with him. Then Captain America throws his shield at Aquarian but it fells before reaching the guy. Aquarian says he isn't interested in the Cube's powers, he just want to neutralize it and maintain the balance of the World. Captain America then grabs his arm saying he is insane and then he drops the Cosmic Cube, just to be caught by a force field from one of the AIM's ships that was hidden above then.

Captain America says he had made a huge mistake but he will retrieve the Cube. Aquarian then says he would catch the Cube because it is his duty, but not together with Cap. Captain America tries to reach the Avengers but none of them answer to his call.

Cap follows the AIM ship to their base. There the AIM workers were analyzing the Cube before using it and Captain America flies towards them with Quinjet. He jumps out of it, escape from about thirty AIM soldiers but when he was about to grab the Cube it vanishes to the ground. Another combat troop enter the room and attack Captain America using power blast gun instead of regular machine guns. Cap uses his shield to protect himself but the Cube is gone.

In another room the leader of AIM talks to his colleagues about the Cosmic Cube acquisition and that now they will have everything he had promised them. His name is Bernard Worrell and he used to be a promising physics student that had helped his tutor Dr. Clinton creating the AIM organization. Their first invention was MODOK. With MODOK they manage to open a crack in the time-space tissue and from that gray-hole an unknown object had emerged. That object was the Cosmic Cube, the original one.

They had trapped this strange energy source to study, but after a careless alliance with Red Skull, they lost the Cube. The Red Skull used his new powers trying to defeat the Captain America and to conquer the World, but Cap had defeated him and stolen the Cube. In the meantime MODOK went mad because of the Cube and killed everyone in the AIM organization, with only Dr. Clinton and Worrell escaping with life. Then the AIM organization had became a criminal organization while Worrell spent a long time waiting for the Cube to be back. They had lost the track of the Cube, only knowing that MODOK tried to destroy it once from the Red Skull, Thanos had used it with the "help" of Rick Jones to find it, then Thanos became a god with the Cube's powers but Captain Marvel had succeeded on defeating him and destroying the Cube (during the Cosmic Cube Saga).

Everyone thought the Cube was destroyed but Captain America had found it and the US Government decided to keep the Cube in the PEGASUS Project facility. During that time Worrell and Dr. Clinton took MODOK's place as AIM leaders and decided to wait for the Cube retrieve his powers. Red Skull captured Dr. Clinton and killed him using brain wash.

After this explanation Worrell finishes saying he is the only living founder of AIM and because of that he is the only one who can touch the Cube.

Back to the battle field, Captain America is fighting against AIM soldiers. When he is about to lost his strength to their weapons, Aquarian arrives and defeat everyone. Then they both go look for the Cube together.

Bernard Worrell was about to touch the Cosmic Cube when Captain America and Aquarian arrive at the room. Worrell grabs the Cube and says he is going to remodel the World, and Cap says he is about to stop him and throws his shield over the defensive systems of the base. Worrell orders the Cube to destroy Captain America and a blast comes out of it towards his shield.The blast reaches Aquarian but his forces cancel its powers. The Cosmic Cube then finally obey to Worrell's orders and remodels the World by his image.

Suddenly the World has changed. Different buildings with strange colors and shapes appears around Cap and Wundarr. An image of Worrell shows up in the sky saying that now he has the power to destroy them and to change the hole World as he always liked. Aquarian forces cancel the Cube power, but then Worrell uses other kind of attacks, sending mechanical arms from the ground towards Cap and Aquarian. They don't give up and start to destroy the arms, but now Worrell is using the entire city to attack them.

Finally, Worrell sends Aquarian to a mountain far away from the Captain and after that attack Cap himself, in his human form. When Cap jumps towards him, he uses the Cube again and removes all the bones from Cap's skeleton. In the ground Cap is attacked by his own shield, transformed by the Cube into a giant crab. But at the end, when Worrell would finally kill Captain America using the Cube, it didn't answer to his orders and restored Cap's force instead of killing him. Then the Cosmic Cube start to glow and grow alive in his hands and consuming his mind. Because of the anger and hate in his subconscious, the Cube again rebuild the World, but at this time with monster made of hate and fear.

In the mountain to where Aquarian was sent, the Shaper of the Worlds arrives and tells him he is the only one who can stop this madness, he was the chosen one, but if he is there, then everything goes wrong.

Back to the Cube, Captain says to Worrell that he has to fight back and control the Cube, or everything will be destroyed. The Cube is sensing Fear and Hate. Captain America then demands the Cube to search his mind instead of Worrell's to see that there is nothing to hate or to be scared of. But the Cube punches Cap away.

Finally the Shaper of Worlds shows up in the room, grabs the Cosmic Cube in his hands and calms down it, burning the hate and fear for themselves. At the end he uses the Cube to make everything goes back to normal. Then the Shaper of Worlds tell Captain America and Aquarian that the Cube is about to procreate!

Then he tells another story, the real one, about the Cosmic Cube - it were the Skrulls who had created the Cube to transform desires into reality. After his creation the Emperor grabs it and assumed the role of God for many years. In the course of time, the Cube start to have his own desires and thirst of power and became alive, destroying many worlds and solar systems. The Empire was destroyed by the Cosmic Cube and the Skrulls had became barbarians again. The Shaper of Worlds known about that because he is himself that Cosmic Cube.

Years later the Kree empire tries to recreate the Cosmic Cube and for that they had build the Supreme Intelligence. It was so well built that the Supreme Intelligence had predicted the destrutions of a second Cosmic Cube and refused to built it. Instead of that he start to search for new Cosmic Cubes and when it appeared on Earth (in the hands of AIM scientists) he uses Rick Jones to monitor the Cube. Besides the link with Rick Jones had been broken, the Cosmic Cube never stopped being watched by the Supreme Intelligence, and when the Cube glowed again, the Kree warns the Shaper of Worlds and here he is now.

He finishes saying that the Cube itself look for the aid of Aquarian and the hope inside Bernard Worrel helped to avoid total corruption. At the end the Cube thanks Captain America and the others for helping him and the Skrull goes away with the Cosmic Cube.


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