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    I had my fears about this particular title from the beginning, due to remenders streak of going to far, but i have to say that the series had been decent up until this point, the narrative was amazing and despite a few problems the general story was new and interesting, but right this issue ruined it for me.

    The art is a mixed bag, some panels are ok but then some are completely terrible, some characters look like cardboard cut outs, and it makes the general experience much less enjoyable. I've said it many times that Romita depends to much on his colorist, which is sad really because he can be a really good artist, but here the structures are messed up, and they look bland. If the skeletal tracks of the character are wonky how can the art be any good? this problem is something i noticed when observing the giant monsters, they are supposed to be big and threatening, but they come off as goofy and unintentionally funny. however not to leave this review on a bad note, the action is top notch. It;s gory and captain Americas injuries are seriously written all over his face.

    Despite the art though, the plot isn't perfect either, the build up was nice, it lead to this point perfectly with an interesting self narrative that got the reader engaged in the ongoing events. Captain america felt like himself again, he was the self sacrificing hero i've come to know, and this was very clearly the main focus of the whole issue, which was great, but the build up, along with everything else was destroyed by one panel.

    Ian dies. This is something i've feared from the very start, i was hoping remender would shy away from his general streak of killing his characters, but if it had to be done, i should not have been like this. Remender created Ian, and killing him would be fine, but the way it was took away all emotional elements from the scene , it was just empty, it felt like a huge slap in the face to me.

    I did not enjoy this issue at all, it wasn't even sad, it was just there for the sake of being there.

    Recommendation: No

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