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Your past can catch up with you

Publisher:   Marvel Comics 
Writer:   Ed Brubaker 
Artist:   Daniel Acuña 
Letterer:   Joe Caramagn 
Cover Artist:   Marko Djurdjevic 
Cover Price:   $3.99 
Release Date:   10-27-10

Captain #611 begins the “Trial of Captain America Part 1.”   During the previous arc “No Escape,” the current shield wielder’s past as former Soviet assassin, Winter Soldier, was released to the media by Baron Zemo.

The majority of this issue consists of the dialogue detailing Bucky’s past.  One set involves Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Black Widow, Hawkeye, and Mockingbird.   The other involves Steve Rogers and the President of the .   Brubaker intertwines both of these very well.   While Steve is giving the President details on Bucky’s crimes, we also see a few panels showing some of his crimes.   The Avengers conversation is focused around Hawkeye’s anger at this situation because he felt that he should’ve known and that they should’ve been prepared for this.   Black Widow presents a very good point when she asks a couple of questions involving second chances and redemption.   In doing this, she acknowledges that everyone in that room has made errors in their pasts but they have moved beyond them.  

This issue isn’t all talk, however.   There is a nice brief action sequence with Captain breaking up a Neo-Nazi skinhead rally in a warehouse.   Brubaker presents some good internal monologue with Cap knowing that regardless of what is happening, he still has a job to do.

Acuña’s work throughout the issue is good, but it’s the facial expressions, body language, and the mood of the characters that truly stand out.   An example is how he captures Hawkeyes frustration in coming to terms with what’s happened during his talk with the Avengers and also his earlier confrontation with the media.

The titling of this arc and its cover don’t leave much to the imagination, because you can predict what’s going to happen.   But it’s the execution that matters and it definitely does its job as the opening part of what could be a really great story that could actually mean something for the characters.   I am eagerly awaiting the next chapter and recommend it to others.

Rating:   4 out of 5 stars    

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