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    Trial of Cap... part 1

    First off, I didn't really like the transition to the new artist in this issue.  I felt the art left a lot to be desired and really drew away from my good experience with this issue.  The characters seem featureless, the attention to detail is not there, there seldom seemed to be any background in the panels... I'm just disappointed.
    Okay, that being said... I like this first part of the story.  The way Hawkeye reacts when he hears the news about Bucky and how he confronts the others, classic go off the handle Hawkeye.  Mockingbird trying to keep him in check, but his mouth shoots off before he's had time to think about what he's saying.  Runs on emotion Hawkeye does.  
    What a great hero Bucky is.  Even though he's facing this huge crisis, he's still out there busting up a group of Nazi skinheads.  He's in a bad position here.  I don't know if taking on the skinheads is just a diversion away from his problems, if he's trying to keep a good name, or if he just doesn't know what else to do?  
    I'm curious to see where this title is going to go... what twists and turns are in store for us.  We need one of these people to step up and be a detective for Bucky as he's headed for... well, read it and find out what is coming up.
    There's an introduction of a character at the end of this story.... I'm curious what this person has to do with the events that will unfold.  I doubt they could just be there for a filler page.
    If it wasn't for my disappointment in the art, this would be a 5... but alas, I had to downgrade it.


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    You knock of a full star and a half for the art?  I thought the art was great and really enhanced the dark tone set by the story

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    Maybe I was a little harsh.   I like detail in the art I guess and I guess the first couple pages, where Hawkeye and Mockingbird seemed featureless, kinda started me off on the wrong foot.  The story was great, can't wait to see what happens. 

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