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Bucky´s true nature

Ed Brubaker run in Captain America is probably his best work and I dare say it´s the best writing of the spangled heroe ever.
The Story - It´s the final strike of Zemo´s against Bucky, who was not content in dropping our heroe in mid air to fall in a rocky shore with raging waters, just showed to us a little of his twisted mind (and a little like an oxymoron): he has leaded Bucky towards the same island where he was presumably dead, trying to disable the bomb in the airplane. Stripped of his shield and uniform, but not of his soul and will, Bucky fights Zemo and in the end discovers that he deserves his new life, and the past should stay buried behind him.
The Best - I´m a Butch Guice fan but in this issue, regardless the fact that the art is flawless, I got to hand the credit to Mr. Brubaker, what a great climax!!! As he mixes past with present, scenes from a young Bucky, venturous and fearless, and a mature and hurt James, frightened that his actions as Winter Soldier were more than just mind control and manipulation, Brubaker establishes Captain America´s new colors and face: not Steve Rogers, not perfect, but a man that is not afraid of facing troubles, a man that doesn´t scape his fights but also a man that knows how hard it´s to be a heroe. For Steve Rogers it was always easy to be Captain America, but it isn´t so with Bucky, and now he has proved his value to himself, that´s the merit of Brubaker writing. James trully has earned the right to be Captain America (and to date Natasha too).
The Verdict - This is an awesome issue, but if you are not following Brubaker´s run in Captain America, it could be a little difficult for new readers, so I recommend that you try reading Winter Soldier first.
5 out 5

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