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And its about to get worse.

Finally, the end of the most exciting duel between Bucky and Baron Zemo, but how did the ending handled itself? And did Brubaker pull off another Captain America event? With Zemo coming back as a baddie after playing hero for awhile, it was nice to see Zemo display himself much more better as a serious original villain as we see him not fully accepting Bucky being the new Captain America. But before I go into detail, lets see if the Captain America No Escape Hardcover is worth the money and that Zemo is still the top rated baddie. 

The Storyline: 

Before writing this, I noticed some fans didn't quite get what was going on with Zemo within this issue, but for me, I knew exactly what Brubaker was trying to pull, very creative and crafty indeed. 
Do you remember the very first time Bucky slapped himself into the Captain America outfit? Fans and even the Captain America lovers within the comics didn't like the fact that Bucky didn't quite earn the right to be Captain America, or maybe that fans felt cheated that Steve Rogers is probably gone for good and now their stuck with his sidekick. With Steve back and giving up his uniform and title for good, nothing much has change and Bucky fans would find themselves increasing as this guy quickly crawls himself to the top of the Marvel Universe among heroes like Thor and Iron Man, pretty good start if you ask me. 
But there still lies a question, how does one man go from being a cold blooded killer to being the most trusted hero in America, how does a Russian assassin become a representative for America? 
Well Brubaker would successfully use Baron Zemo for those questions and show Marvel fans if this new Captain America deserves to wield the Shield.  
Even though im not much for spoilers, your probably gonna have to read the issue or storyline to find out what I mean, because going much more into detail about Zemo's plans for Bucky is probably gonna give away a good portion of the story. 
The Problem
 : However, even though I can give credit to Brubakers writing and display for Bucky and Zemo, there was one little problem that really caught me off guard. Im suprised that out of all the characters, other reviewers say that Zemo was off character, which infact he wasn't after doing an intense review over this guy, but it was Steve Rogers who was really off character. Can you tell me how exactly the most loyal superhero for his country and for the President can tell the President to call back later? 
Politics and Religion are two subjects that I try to steer away from, but seeing Steve putting Obama on hold really took me by suprise. Did Marvel just suddenly hate having Obama in their comics too where he's nothing more than just a pushover? 
I bet if it was Roosevelt on the line, Steve would've taken that call in a heartbeat. 

The Artwork:

You know, I honestly must say, for five artists this comic really didn't stand out as it should've. Artwork wasn't too bad, but the flow was interrupted because of how the style kept changing for some reason, one thing that I really hate is how theres a continuing story and the damn artwork changes style. 
Some of the scenes lacked simple coloring and detail, even in the background, where there's a solid color in the background and it doesn't serve with any mood at all, that naturally defined itself as being lazy. 
Storytelling was fair enough to make out what Butch Guice was trying present to the audience, but once again, for five artists, im shocked that there wasn't much effort into this comic that displayed itself as being the work of two comic artists. 

Bucky vs Zemo (Spoiler)

Well I will give this away, but the ending and the reason why these two are clashing with each other is on your own to read and figure out. 
Round 2, and what seems to be the biggest challenge for Bucky, he would be getting the upper hand on our beloved baddie Zemo, until Zemo would stop the fight with a proven point and a booby trap. Overall, Zemo probably couldn't outfight Zemo, but a man with a plan, Zemo had this one in the bag and take a cheap villianous victory over our new Captain America. 
Winner: Baron Zemo with a cheap victory again 

The Conclusion:

Not bad for the return of our beloved badguy Zemo and a new challenge for Bucky, but its a fact that this comic could've been better, mostly within the artist department. 
For me, Zemo did make a great point within this issue and he did handle himself very well, unlike what many comic fans say. Steve however, I really felt that he didn't fit into this storyline at all, infact his one part where he could careless what the President wants really threw me off and is actually way off character, even if Bucky was kidnapped by a baddie, at least he could've said " Im sorry Mr President, but something improtant came up." exactly how hard is that to do? 
But is this comic worth your time and money? Yes,........yes it is because its a start for our new Captain America to earn his Sheild and uniform as we would probably see him answer for his crimes as Winter Soldier in the next upcoming issues and Baron Zemo was just preparing him for that challenge. 
Im that Badguy saying thankyou for reading and see you next time when Bucky goes tor trial.

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