Captain America #606

    Captain America » Captain America #606 - No Escape, Part 1 released by Marvel on August 1, 2010.

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    A new story arc kicks off, as Baron Zemo returns to menace the new Captain America, James Barnes! Zemo's father may have failed to kill Bucky in the waning days of World War II, but the son is determined to rectify that mistake once and for all!

    Nomad:Girl Without A World in Hunger Strikes part 1


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    Baron Zemo Steals the Show 0

    I'd read the preview for this and in that preview we see Zemo and the Ghost talking about recent events, particularly the fall of Norman Osborn. As they continue talking, the Ghost all too eagerly tells Zemo what else he has missed since he has been gone, namely the return of Bucky. Y'see, Helmut's father, Heinrich, the first Baron Zemo, was primarily known for having been the one to kill Bucky. Not even the Red Skull could claim that! Naturally, Helmut can't let Bucky's return tarnish his fathe...

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    Baron Zemo Is Back 0

    Captain America starts off its Heroic Age run in a strong way here. Since the first issue of this volume, every story has been under the umbrella of the epic Red Skull story that Ed Brubaker just wrapped up last arc by ending the plot thread of the insane Captain America from the 50's. This is the start of a new story with new threats and a new fully formed status quo for Bucky Barnes as Captain America.  It feels like a refreshing new beginning.  But let's address what many have been talking ab...

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    A Calm Before the Storm 0

    I was reading Captain America for a while and then stopped after issue 601 for a while. Coming back, Brubaker is still doing a dynamite job. The return of Zemo is also a great idea. The problem encountered when reviewing/rating this run on Captain America, is that it has set the bar very high, and compared to other issues of Cap, this one seems to have lost its steam a little bit. The backing Nomad feature is alright, but nothing too special. They could probably tell her story in a mini series. ...

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