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A great one and done horror yarn displayed beautifully. 2

First off this issue has nothing to do with the current Captain America Rebirth storyline. This was a self contained one-shot based during Civil-War where Winter Soldier (Bucky) tells a story to Nick Fury about an adventure Cap and himself had during the World War II. This was originally meant to be released around that time as an annual or something but for whatever reason that didn’t happen. All I can say was thank God it’s finally seen the light of day because this was a fantastic little tale...

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Nice One Shot. 0

As stated in the other review, this is a story that's out of sync with the time line.  I didn't catch that at first and getting re-acquainted with Cap it left me a little confused at first.  Then I caught the time line reference on the first page.  Silly me.  It is a good story told from Bucky's (as the Winter Soldier) point of view.  I liked the setting during WWII.  It is a good story that made me feel a little bit like I was reading a detective story.  As they try to figure out what is killin...

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