Captain America #408

    Captain America » Captain America #408 - Dark Dawn released by Marvel on October 1992.

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    The final fate of the infamous Capwolf revealed! Plus: Captain America experiences the first wave of the Infinity War!

    This issue features three stories.

    "Dark Dawn" - In Starkesboro, Massachusetts, with Dredmund Druid defeated, the lupine Captain America, Dr. Druid and Moonhunter work to set things right. They compel Nightshade to administer the antidote for her werewolf formula to all those whom Dredmund had transformed into lycanthropes. The white-furred man-wolf reverts to human, and Cap is pleased to see he is indeed John Jameson, his missing pilot. Just before the antidote can be given to Cap, a demonic doppelganger of him materializes. The two Captains fight, and in the chaos, the antidote filled syringe is jabbed into "Capwolf", beginning his reversion to human. When Dr. Druid informs the now-human Cap that his opponent is not truly alive, the Avenger impales his dark double upon its own saw-toothed shield, and it dissolves.

    In the aftermath of it all, Nightshade is taken into custody by Guardsmen, the citizens are relieved to be human again and out from Dredmund's control, Jack Russell and Wolfsbane go their own ways, and John, feeling way out of his depth, resigns as Captain America's pilot. Moonhunter offers himself as a replacement, along with a ride to New York.

    In Central Park, as Dennis Dunphy sits on a the shore of a lake, he is accosted by a D-Man doppelganger. They tumble into the water, and only the double emerges.

    "Night of the Knife" - Cutthroat tries to reassure the imprisoned Diamondback, his sister, that he will get her out of the Red Skull's clutches, and get rid of Crossbones. She protests, believing her brother no match for the assassin. He leaves her sitting in confusion torn between love for her sibling, and the feelings brainwashed into her by Crossbones.

    Meanwhile, as Crossbones catches up with the Skull's woman, Mother Night, Cutthroat interrupts. Crossbones leaves, and the couple share an intimate moment.

    That night, Cutthroat creeps into the room of the sleeping Crossbones, intending to kill him. The assassin awakens, takes the blade, and cuts Cutthroat's throat. Mother Night, Jack O'Lantern and Blackwing enter to find Crossbones standing over his foe's body gripping the bloody blade.

    "Joyride" - The Falcon flies over New York City, enjoying his new flight-suit, when he catches sight of an unknown person piloting an Avengers Skycycle. Falcon forces the pilot down to a rooftop, then agrees to escort him back to Avengers Headquarters, where he introduces himself as Zack Moonhunter, Captain America's new pilot.

    Falcon enters the building and sees Cap and Black Widow. the Avengers are convening to debrief on recent events (the Infinity War and the Citizen Kang Affair).

    After the meeting, Captain America and the Falcon begin to discuss renewing their partnership.


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