Captain America #407

    Captain America » Captain America #407 - Man And Wolf, Part 6: Lord Of The Wolves released by Marvel on September 15, 1992.

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    Capwolf versus Cable! Who will be the Lord of the Wolves?

    This issue features two stories.

    "Lord of the Wolves" - In the Starkesboro, Massachusetts church that Dredmund Druid has made his temple, a battle rages between the werewolves under his control, and the lycanthropes led by the lupine Captain America. Overseeing the chaos, Dredmund, having bathed the Moongem in Dr. Druid's blood, is transformed by the stone into the mystically powerful Starwolf. "Capwolf" lunges at him, but is effortlessly brushed aside. Cap leaps out of the grasp of his feral foes as the Werewolf (Jack Russell) tosses him his shield, so he may re-enter the fray.

    Outside the town, Feral, of X-Force, nears, having felt the pull of the Moongem, but is knocked out by a tranquilizer dart fired by Cable. Cable continues into town to discover the melee in the church, and begins firing at the combatants. "Capwolf" disarms the X-Force leader with his shield, but the two of them become wrapped in carpet mystically controlled by Starwolf. He then collapses a monolith on top of them, apparently crushing the heroes.

    Meanwhile, a white-furred lycanthrope carries the mortally wounded Dr. Druid to Nightshade's lab. The man-wolf injects the strapped-down Nightshade with her own werewolf formula, transforming her, and thereby forcing her to concoct an antidote. Elsewhere, Moonhunter escapes from his cell, releases the imprisoned Wolverine, and they head off to assist Dredmund. They pause at the lab where Nightshade is still bound, and as they enter to find out what's going on, Dr. Druid rises and negates the controlling hypnosis Dredmund has them under.

    As Starwolf celebrates his apparent victory, Wolverine enters and frees "Capwolf" and Cable, who were saved by Cap's shield supporting the weight of the huge slab. "Capwolf" again leaps at Starwolf, and, with help from the now clear minded Moonhunter, succeeds in ripping the Moongem from his throat. Cap tosses the jewel to Cable who crushes it beneath his heel. Dredmund lies on the floor, human and unconscious.

    "Uncut Diamonds" - In the Red Skull's Rocky Mountain headquarters, he welcomes his new prisoners, Crossbones and Diamondback. The Skull has Diamondback thrown in a cell, but unshackles Crossbones. The assassin asks for his job back, offering the packets of Captain America's super-soldier serum infused blood plasma.

    Meanwhile, the Skull's henchman Cutthroat enters the cell of Diamondback, revealing to her that he is her brother.

    This issue also includes a Captain America pin-up by Frank Miller and Bob Wiacek.


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