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Prepare for the Wolfpack! Capwolf rallies together a team of feral beast to stop Druid from using the moonstone’s magic to solidify his own powers! But find out what happens when Capwolf is too late!

This issue features two stories.

"Leader of the Pack" - Nightshade leads the wolfen Captain America into the oubliette where the untamed werewolves are penned. There, he encounters a white-furred lycanthrope, apparently the pack leader. The leader challenges "Capwolf", who subdues him. Then Cap is approached by Wolfsbane who has also been drawn to Starkesboro, Massachusetts, by the Moongem Dredmund Druid had stolen. Wolfsbane helps Cap learn to speak in his wolf-form.

Elsewhere: Cable prepares to search for the missing X-Forcer Feral; Dredmund has Dr. Druid chained at his altar and charges Moonhunter and Nightshade with preventing any interruptions, but Nightshade has plans of her own; Bernie Rosenthal has no luck finding the missing Dennis Dunphy.

Organizing the captive werewolves, "Capwolf" leads an escape from their cell. At the lab, they run into Moonhunter and Nightshade, quickly overwhelming the pair. They also find and free the Werewolf (Jack Russell) who has been kept strapped and sedated in the lab, providing the blood from which Nightshade synthesized the werewolf serum. They strap Nightshade down in his place and proceed to the church Dredmund has made his Druid temple. But they arrive too late to prevent the villain from cutting Dr. Druid's throat. Dredmund bathes the Moongem in Druid's blood, then places it to his throat commencing a transformation.

"Fight on Skull Mountain" - Trying to reach the Red Skull's mountaintop headquarters in the Rockies, Crossbones and Diamondback are stopped by Cutthroat, Blackwing and Jack O'Lantern. The sentries try to force the pair to fall, but Crossbones and Diamondback manage to grab onto Jack O'Lantern's flying platform, and force the trio to escort them the rest of the way up. There, they are taken captive by the Skull's guards, as Cutthroat recognizes Diamondback to be his own sister.


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