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It’s Captain America versus Wolverine! And Moonhunter is waiting to bury the loser! Find out who will win when the Shield of Liberty faces the sharpest claws there is!

this issue features two stories.

"Children of the Night' - In the town of Starkesboro, Massachusetts, Captain America and Dr. Druid attempt to fend off the werewolves that surround them. Using his mystic abilities, Druid levitates himself, then Cap out of the fray, also rendering the two of them undetectable by sight or scent. In her lab, Nightshade demonstrates to the town's master, Dredmund, that their captive, Wolverine, has an ability to heal that prevents her werewolf serum from transforming him as it did the townspeople. Instead, Dredmund puts Wolverine under his hypnotic control. Outside, Moonhunter searches in vain for the two Avengers.

Later in New York, Bernie Rosenthal enters Avengers HQ to visit Captain America, but upon learning he's not there, she agrees to accompany Jarvis and Dennis Dunphy on a walk to Central Park.

Back in Starkesboro, Moonhunter reports to Dredmund that the mystically cloaked Captain America and an unknown companion are somewhere in the town, Dredmund relieves Moonhunter of duty and plots a trap.

The still-undetectable Cap and Dr. Druid proceed amidst the now human townspeople who search for them, and enter the town hall. Out of the shadows, the mesmerized Wolverine lunges at Cap, and their fight carries them out into the street. Shortly, Wolverine has Captain America pinned, allowing Moonhunter the knock the Avenger out with a tranquilizer dart. Soon, Cap is strapped to a table in Nightshade's lab, where she injects him with the werewolf formula.

"Real World" - After a month of submersive training and brainwashing, Crossbones feels Rachel Leighton is ready to accompany him to meet with the Red Skull. He provides her a new Diamondback costume, and they head for Avengers HQ, where he charges her with a mission to steal Captain America's spare blood plasma. Cleared through security, thanks to her relationship with Cap, she proceeds to the Avengers' med-lab.


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