Captain America #400

    Captain America » Captain America #400 - Murder By Decree released by Marvel on May 1, 1992.

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    When the Kree Galaxy is in danger of being blown up through the use of the Nega-Bomb, the Avengers have to make hard decision to either save the Kree Galaxy or sacrifice one of their own. Read and find out the shocking result!

    Operation: Galactic Storm, Part 15: "Murder by Decree!"

    On Hala, homeworld of the Kree, an explosion occurs in the Citadel of Judgment. Captain America is suddenly engulfed by wreckage and human debris. The Avengers who left him behind are still stunned by the decision, though Iron Man maintains it was the only thing to do. Internally, though, he ponders the possibility he could be responsible for the death of America's greatest hero. Captain America awakes in an empty room and thinks through the events he just experienced: the Accusers took him away from the other imprisoned Avengers to the Supreme Intelligence, who was about to pronounce a verdict of death, when the explosion occurred and he was buried alive.

    Cap is brought out of his reminiscence by an attack from behind. Six of his most dangerous enemies suddenly surround him: King Cobra, Batroc, Flag-Smasher, Viper, Crossbones, and the Red Skull. Cap manages to hold them off for a time, but eventually he is overcome. Just before the Red Skull has his final victory over his adversary, Batroc frees Cap and helps him overcome the other villains. Batroc explains as a gentleman he couldn't let so worthy a foe be defeated in such a dishonorable way. Soon Cap learns Batroc and the others were conjured by the Supreme Intelligence from his memory. The Supreme Intelligence appears and congratulates Cap on being so resourceful, but his grip on life will prevent him from achieving the highest honor of being assimilated into the Supreme Intelligence's collective mind. He flings Cap into the darkness, ominously declaring he only has moments to live. The final panel explains why: the Skrull ship hijacking the Nega-Bomb is about to entire Kree space.

    "Out in the Cold," starring The Falcon and U.S. Agent. Arctic Circle.

    A group of Inuit eskimoes are ice-fishing, when a plane buzzes them, creating a sonic boom. The group is frieghtened except a large man with light skin and red hair. The sound of the plane triggers a flashback for the the large man. The man walks off in the direction of the plane. After three days of walking the man comes upon a building, unlike any igloo he has seen in the past year. The man kicks in the door, suddenly he is surrounded by ULTIMATUM agents and their leader the Flag-Smasher. The agents frisk him and find a costume underneath his heavy coat. The Flag-Smasher recognizes him as Captain America's ally D-Man. D-Man, apparently suffering from amnesia, has a vague recollection of them.

    The Avengers who remained on Earth during "Operation: Galactic Storm" are using Project: PEGASUS as their base of operations. Peggy Carter, the Avengers communications officer, appears on a screen with a message for Captain America. The Flag-Smasher wants to meet with Captain America but does not know he is off-planet. U.S. Agent says he'll go. Falcon, who is a friend of D-Man, insists on going also. U.S.Agent protests, but Wasp pulls rank and tells him he is not going alone.

    In the Quinjet en route, Falcon disagrees on the best course of action and leaves the plane. At the ULTIMATUM Base, U.S.Agent lands and is frisked. The Flag-Smasher noticed right away that this is not the same Captain America and is furious. After yelling at U.S.Agent about being an imposter he orders he to be taken outside and shot.

    Meanwhile, Falcon searches for D-Man. Back inside, U.S.Agent acts like he tripped and pulls a small container of Pym Particles form his belt and breaks it open, revealing his shield growing to full size. The Ultimatum agents are quickly defeated and U.S.Agent continues his search.

    Elsewhere in the base, Flag-Smasher finds where Falcon broke in, but before an alarm can be raised, U.S. Agent arrives. The two trade blows, then the Flag-Smasher flees. U.S.Agent follows, but both end up hanging from an icy precipice. The pair fall off, but U.S.Agent is caught by Falcon, who has made good his escape with D-Man.

    "The Origin of Diamondback."

    Still a prisoner in the abandoned NYC subway station, Diamondback is standing over a sleeping Crossbones with a large cinder block. Crossbones has held her captive for 25 hours now, and she is going to kill him. Diamondback thinks to herself that he deserves it for all that he has done to her, flashing back to her youth. Rachel "Ratsel" Leighton desires to join the Crims gang two of her older brothers are in, a gang led by Brock Rumlow before he becomes Crossbones. Their mother and oldest brother Willy are against it, too. At the gang's hangout, Danny Leighton is about to get beaten by Brock when a disturbance rouses the gang to action: it is Rachel trying to break in. Brock is at first upset but laughs it off, sending her home with her brother Rick.

    Soon, Rachel sneaks back into the hangout only to find Brock there. She agrees to do whatever he says so she can join. Later at home, she is bruised and beaten, claiming she was beaten up at school. Her brothers don't but it and try to get the Crims to help them get revenge. Danny realizes it was them, which sends Rick to get Willy's help. Willy tries to shoot Brock but Brock kills him with a knife. Danny runs away and eventually becomes Cutthroat. Rick goes crazy and gets killed shortly thereafter. Back in the present, Rachel decides not to kill Crossbones even after all he's done: she would rather keep what remains of her self-respect and be worthy of Cap's affection.

    This issue also is a flip-book with Avengers #4. There is also a gatefold cover on both sides that show a cover gallery from the various decades that Captain America has been around.

    The covers shown are: #1, 100, 111, 132, 143, 188, 200, 228, 241, 248, 254, 286, 300, 321, 332, 378, and 383. Also Tales of Suspense 58 is shown.


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    Meanwhile, back on Hala, Captain America is about to be engulfed in a giant explosion – is it the Nega-Bomb? No. Though the reader is not certain for a few pages just what is going on, an impressive tension this late into the series. When we last saw Cap, he was being led away from the rest of the Avengers to face individual judgment. We know the Avengers have just left him behind to try to prevent the Nega-Bomb from entering Kree space, and a brief look into the Quinjet reveals everyone is stil...

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