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After reaching the Kree Homeworld, Captain America along with his team of Avengers launch infiltration rescue mission to save Rick Jones. But when Iron Man discovers the Kree’s master plan, the Avengers turn their sights on the Supremor!

Operation: Galactic Storm Part 8

The Avengers arrive on Hala, homeworld of the Kree, but as captives of Shatterax. Ronan the Accuser demands to take over, and in the confusion Sersi uses her molecular transmutation abilities to disguise the Avengers, who get away. Iron Man continues his antagonistic attitude and soon breaks away from the group, pulling rank as a founding Avenger. Goliath goes with him to keep an eye on him, but everyone (including Hercules) senses things are falling apart. Meanwhile, the disparate members of the Supreme Intelligence's Starforce (Ultimus, Shatterax, Korath, and Supremor) finally gather, and they now have a purpose: restore the Supreme Intelligence to the throne. The Avengers soon see their faces on a flying zeppelin-like wanted poster/billboard and decide to hijack it for quick transportation to their rendezvous point with Iron Man. Korath tries to stop them, but Cap defeats him with his own batons.

B-story featuring Diamondback: "Cross to Bear"

Crossbones has Diamondback handcuffed in the subway. Tired of interrogating her, he goes for burgers. While he's away, a gang calling themselves the Mudsharks find her and have a little fun, ignoring Diamondback's warning of Crossbones's imminent return. Crossbones returns, brutally kills them all, and eats his dinner and resumes interrogating Diamondback as if nothing out of the ordinary occurred.


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The Kree Avengers team arrives at Hala, the Kree homeworld – prisoners. The bickering between Cap and Iron Man hasn’t stopped, and Cap won’t concede Iron Man got them to their destination in one piece, since it wasn’t the way he wanted. Since it’s his issue, Cap’s internal monologue drives most of the narration. Almost immediately, Shatterax is forced to hand the Avengers over to Ronan the Accuser, equivalent to the chief of police for the entire empire, once Ronan is finished dressing him down ...

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