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Don’t miss this all-new action-packed issue as Captain America finds himself at the mercy of M.O.D.A.M.!


In Manhattan, Captain America lowers himself into the remains of Diamondback's apartment. He worries that she is trapped somewhere underneath the debris, and he calls out to her. He hadn't heard from Diamondback in two weeks so he decided to check in on her, and all of the sudden Peggy called him to tell him there had been a disturbance on Rachel's block. He finds a metal briefcase with an electronic device inside, so he decides to take it back to Avengers headquarters to check it out. He tells John Jameson to land and meet back at the Avengers headquarters. Cap reports back to Lt. Peltino, and tells him there are no bodies in the rubble. Peltino tells Cap there was some sort of airplane which crashed into the building.

A half hour later, Steve contacts Peggy in order to get in touch with the Wasp. He speaks to her on the phone and asks to get a hold of Paladin. She gives him Paladin's number, and they meet up.

Cap asks Paladin when the last time he saw Diamondback, Black Mamba, and the Asp, and he tells him two nights ago. They left a note for him saying they were going snake-hunting. Peggy calls Cap and tells him two Serpent Society members were found unconscious in Brooklyn. Paladin decides to tag along with Cap since the B.A.D. Girls are his friends. They travel to Bay Ridge, where Rock Python and Puff Adder are being hauled into ambulances. Cap is able to speak to Rock Python briefly to find out that Diamondback was on the Serpent Saucer after he and Puff Adder were thrown from it. Cap believes the "big headed monster" to be MODOK.

However, it is instead MODAM, who is now piloting the Serpent Saucer. Diamondback, Black Mamba, and Asp recover after their ordeal, thankful for being alive. They ask MODAM what she wants with them, and she tells them they've been invited to attend the S.S. Superia luxury liner. She gives them envelopes with a hundred thousand dollars in them. Diamondback is surprised that whoever invited them really wants them there.

Captain America investigates MODOK and how he saw his corpse in the morgue after the Serpent Society killed him. He then decides to visit A.I.M. He goes to get Paladin, who also wants to join him again.

In Miami, the Serpent Saucer lands on a dock near the S.S. Superia. The girls ask what's going to happen to Anaconda, and MODAM reveals she is also invited. Diamondback sees the ship and thinks there must be a catch. Suddenly, Anaconda attacks MODAM, telling her she was not knocked out after all. She asks what MODAM did to her boyfriend, Puff Adder, and MODAM electrocutes her. She tells her she can go to her boyfriend if she wishes, or she can come aboard the S.S. Superia and change her life. Diamondback activates a homing beacon on her shoe to alert Cap where she is. She hopes he is not mad at her for making him jealous with Paladin.

Meanwhile, Captain America, Paladin, and John Jameson fly overhead on their way to AIM. Cap tells Paladin that the company has ceased all their terrorist activities, so they shouldn't have to worry about being ambushed. They go see the A.I.M. manager, who shows them around the building and offers to bring them to dinner. They refuse, meeting back up with John. They realize Diamondback activated her beacon.

The B.A.D. Girls are making the best of their time on the S.S. Superia, feeling overdressed as the costumed super-villainesses are without costumes, instead in bathing suits lying around the ship. They tease about Anaconda's bikini and decide to go get food. Elsewhere, a mysterious figure is watching the computers and notices Captain America's ship flying towards them. The woman sends MODAM to deal with them. John is suddenly hypnotized and drives the plane upside down. Cap apologizes and knocks him out and presses the escape hatch, propelling the three men off the jet. Suddenly, MODAM appears, ready to attack Cap.

The Masque Club

The Skeleton Crew prepares to go after Arnim Zola.


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