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Diamondback recruits Paladin to help her escape the vengeance of her former allies in the Serpent Society.

"This Gun's For Hire" featuring Captain America

"Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You..." featuring U.S. Agent


Sidewinder teleports Diamondback into his home to safety and tells her to be on her way. Diamondback thanks him for his help and wonders how he knew she was going to get executed. He reveals Black Mamba called him, which makes her realize they need to go back for her. Diamondback knows they'll kill Black Mamba as soon as they find out she was the snitch. Sidewinder disregards Black Mamba, saying he cannot involve himself anymore than he already has. Diamondback, trying to reason with him, reminds him Black Mamba was his former girlfriend, but he says there's nothing between them now. He quickly gathers his most prized possessions and wants to leave, as he knows Cobra is sending people after him. As Diamondback continues to try to get Sidewinder's help, he refuses and says if the Serpent Society get to his house, he won't help Diamondback either. Diamondback storms off to find someone to help her save Black Mamba.

At the Serpent Society headquarters, King Cobra breaks the Serpent Society up in order to look for and kill Sidewinder and Diamondback. Black Racer, Rattler, and Coachwhip are sent to Sidewinder's apartment; Anaconda, Puff Adder, and Rock Python are sent to Diamondback's; and Fer-de-Lance and Cottonmouth are sent to the Avengers mansion. Bushmaster asks what he is supposed to do, and Cobra says he needs help tending to some rogues in the house.

At a diner, Steve and John Jameson eat a meal and discuss Steve's relationship with Bernie. John feels Bernie was coming on to Steve, after what he told him. Steve feels he is over Bernie but feels guilty for not saying anything about Rachel. Their conversation is interrupted by Peggy Carter, who informs Steve of a call made to them by Rachel, who says she needs to meet him in front of the library. Steve and John "wolf" down the rest of their meal and head off to the library.

Steve, in Captain America regalia, is dropped off by John and looks for Rachel. He calls out for her and she reveals herself, hugging him. He realizes she is in her old Serpent Society costume, and she tells him about how they captured her and dressed her up in it. Cap then discovers the Society found out about his and Diamondback's relationship, and she tells him that she no longer cares about the Serpent Society, wanting to bust the joint up. Cap is ever happy to oblige, but Diamondback states that he can't harm or imprison Black Mamba or Asp. Cap tells her he can't promise that they won't be, as the law is not his to decide. Diamondback gets angry and tells him she'll do it herself, storming off. Cap calls for John to pick him up and follow the cab Diamondback got in.

Back at the Serpent Society, Cobra and Bushmaster enter Black Mamba's room. The place is a mess, but Black Mamba says Asp was helping her sort through dirty laundry. Cobra tells the girls he knows what they did, and shows them a computer log of all the calls made in the past hour. The call to Sidewinder was made from Black Mamba's room. She tries to stall by looking at the log, and forms the darkforce in the shape of Coachwhip, hypnotizing Cobra. Bushmaster slices through the darkforce, but Asp blasts him away, telling Black Mamba to run. However, Cobra knocks them both unconscious with nerve gas.

Meanwhile, Diamondback is in a slump, getting a quick drink at a bar. She asks the bartender if he knows where she can hire some muscle, and he gives her the Paladin's card. Outside Rachel's apartment, Cap has John drop him off. They lost Diamondback after she darted out of the cab, and have been chasing the cab ever since with her not in it. Inside Diamondback's apartment, Rock Python is lounging alongside Anaconda. He wants to turn the TV on, but Anaconda says there can't be any lights on, and goes up to Puff Adder on the roof. That is Cap's next destination. Captain America gets to the roof and finds a Serpent Saucer.

Elsewhere, Diamondback meets up with Paladin. He says she's lucky, since he just got into town after a mission. She tells him she wants him to help her take down the Serpent Society, to which he agrees on one condition -- she has to promise to go on a date with him when it is over.

On the roof, Captain America ambushes Puff Adder and Anaconda, who were romantically embraced. He does his best to hold off the pair, but knows without his super serum, he won't do much damage. He slams his shield into Anaconda's arm on her elbow joint, and kicks Puff Adder out of the saucer. He realizes Diamondback's not in the saucer at all.

Diamondback brings Paladin to Stuyvesant Arms Hotel, the Serpent Society's newest headquarters. She knocks out the receptionist and enter the elevator. Once they step out, they find Bushmaster. He asks what she's doing there, and she replies she wants to get Black Mamba and Asp. Bushmaster brings the pair to them, telling Diamondback that everyone is out looking for her. They find Black Mamba and Asp tied up, but suddenly Cobra ambushes them. Back on the roof, Rock Python heard the commotion and came to battle Cap as well. He throws a trick-egg but it hits Puff Adder instead, tying him up. Captain America goes to kick Rock Python but falls backward, not knowing Rock Python's head is as hard as rock. Puff Adder attempts to swipe at Cap, and as he dodges, he gets caught by Rock Python. He holds Cap over the edge of the building, telling him to make him let go of him by wiggling free.

Back in the Bronx, Cobra has wrapped himself around Paladin while Diamondback struggles with Bushmaster. She asks why he is fighting her when he voted innocent at her trial, and he tells her he needs the job, since he's a freak and it's the only place he can make a living. Diamondback asks if he's going to kill her, to which he replies he doesn't want to, but Cobra is his leader and if she doesn't surrender, he might have to. She uses a trick diamond on him from her earring, throwing it into his mouth. However, it was not the tear gas diamond she expected it to be, but the acid-bomb. Bushmaster reels back, choking. Cobra grapples with Paladin, shooting Diamondback with venom in the back when she's not looking. He forces Paladin to surrender, or else Diamondback would die without the antidote. As Paladin surrenders, he tells Diamondback she's going to owe him more than just one date.

Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You...

U.S.Agent recounts his memories with his friends in the Bold Urban Commandos.


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