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    Captain America » Captain America #371 - Cap's Night Out released by Marvel on June 1, 1990.

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    Cap finally goes on a date with Diamondback, but Gamecock, the Trump, Black Mamba, Asp, and Anaconda want to make it a night they won't forget! Plus a special Diamondback tale!


    1st story: "Cap's Night Out" by Mark Gruenwald and Ron Lim

    2nd story: "Girl Talk" by Mark Gruenwald and Mark Bagley

    After their confrontation with the Red Skull, Captain America and Diamondback are back in Manhatten, and Cap is ready to just drop Diamondback off and leave. Diamondback is not keen on this, but Captain America tells her he is not looking for a partner, since he's had plenty and they've never worked out. They agree to be "friends," and Diamondback asks him on a date. Reluctantly, he agrees, and Diamondback heads off.

    Later, on the phone, Rachel speaks to Tanya Sealy, alias Black Mamba. She begs Tanya to help her get ready for the date, but decides not to reveal to her friend that the man she is going out with is Captain America. The pair meet an hour later at a hair salon. Tanya pulled some strings and her personal stylist Eugene is going to work on Rachel. Tanya wants to know more about her mystery man, but Rachel simply replies, "he's just a cute guy I met." Tanya thinks to herself that the guy must be extraordinary, since she refused to see any of the men in the Serpent Society who had been attracted to her.

    At the Avengers H.Q., Captain America searches for Jarvis. Jarvis agrees to help Cap get ready for his date, and they go off shopping. A few hours later, he returns to the headquarters in civilian clothes, and Peggy Carter is shocked to see him with shopping bags. Peggy is happy for him, since he never takes time off. Steve heads off to the gym.

    An hour before the date, Steve approaches Jarvis and asks how he looks, to which Jarvis replies he'll "knock them dead." Steve opts not to bring his Captain America uniform or shield. Steve makes his way to Rachel's apartment, and realizes she has never seen his face or heard his real name. Rachel opens the door with a complete makeover, brown hair instead of the eccentric pink. Steve is obviously impressed with Rachel, and they grab a taxi to go to dinner. In a limousine close by, Diamondback's friends Black Mamba and Asp watch over her, and decide to follow them.

    In the taxi cab, Steve and Rachel share an awkward conversation. However, there is a traffic jam so the cab is unable to move. Asp gets out of the limousine to check out what is going on. Ahead, the villainous Gamecock is holding his girlfriend hostage. He wishes to "teach her that nobody says no to the Gamecock!" Asp, irritated with Gamecock's chauvinistic ways, crawls up closer to the side of the house and shoots him with a venom blast, paralyzing him. The police swarm him and Asp leaves. As she walks back to the limo, Steve's cab driver asks what happened, and Asp replies, "cops caught a purse-snatcher."

    Steve and Rachel finally make it to their destination, Bernie Rosenthal's favorite restaraunt, only to find that they're closed. Steve suggests mexican food, and Rachel agrees. At the restaraunt, Rachel questions why Steve does not drink alcohol, to which he replies that his father was an alcoholic. At the bar, Black Mamba spies on the pair, and finds Steve extremely attractive.

    After dinner, Steve and Rachel go see a show at a magic club. During the performance, the Trump suddenly appears and interrupts the other comedian. Rachel and Steve are confused, not knowing if it is part of the show. Black Mamba, watching from afar, recognizes the Trump, as she went on a date with him once but he stuck her with the bill. She decides to take care of him using her darkforce, which Rachel recognizes. She wonders what Tanya could possibly be doing there. The Trump, hypnotized, leaves the comedy club. Rachel shrugs it off and decides it must actually have been part of the act.

    After the show, the pair contemplate what they should do next. Steve asks if she wants to see the neighborhood he grew up in, and she agrees. She thinks to herself that he's beginning to open up to her. They see Steve's old building, and Rachel tells him she lived not far away. Though she grew up in Texas, she moved there when she was three years old. They find the spot where Rachel had received her first kiss, and just as Rachel begins to ask Steve something, they hear a commotion. Steve rushes away, leaving Rachel disappointed.

    Close by, Poundcakes is stomping the ground, creating tremors out of rage. Jackhammer tries to get her to calm down by telling her he was complimenting her, but she is too furious, screaming "a wrestling superstar like me has a reuptation ta worry about!" Rachel tries to get Steve to leave them alone, but Steve is convinced Poundcakes' boots are going to do too much damage to the surrounding buildings. Just as Steve gets ready to attack, the limousine pulls up and Anaconda, who had been driving the limo, appears. Jackhammer recognizes her and begins to worry, but Poundcakes calls her a freak. Anaconda elongates her arms, catching both of them, while two loud ZASPs could be heard. The limousine immediately speeds off, leaving Steve baffled.

    In the limousine, Black Mamba tells Anaconda and Asp they did a great job. Anaconda comments that Diamondback better be thankful that they're making sure her date with "tall, blond, an' mysterious" goes smoothly. At the end of the date, Steve walks Rachel to her door. They hesitantly kiss, and then depart ways, with Steve leaving in a taxi. Black Mamba and Asp are happy the date is over, but Asp wonders if they should follow him to find out more about him. Black Mamba, exhausted, decides they did enough for one night.

    Steve returns home to the Avengers headquarters, feeling slightly guilty for enjoying himself so much. He comments to himself that Rachel is far different than Sharon or Bernie. He really wishes to speak to Bernie, and he picks up the phone to do so. He then realizes it is three a.m., and hangs the phone up. He then thinks to himself that he should have more fun in his life, and that if he continues to see Rachel, he needs to make sure she is going to give up her life in the Serpent Society.

    Rachel returns home to her apartment, having thoroughly enjoyed her date with Steve. As she walks through, she feels as though someone has broken in, but realizes it is just Tanya. Tanya wants to know how the date went.

    "You got your nerve barging in! What if my date was -- you know, still in progress?" Rachel says.

    "Ha! You don't think I know how far you'd go on a first date? I'm your best friend, for crying out loud!" Tanya replies.

    Rachel tells her the date was great, but Tanya wants to know more about the guy. "What's he got that all the Serpent guys hot for your bod don't?" Rachel goes into all the details that Steve has, and then mentions how she wants to go straight. Tanya asks how Rachel is going to make any money, since she lacks conventional skills. Tanya offers to share her bodyguarding job with her, stating that not all the work the Serpent Society does is illegal. She then tells Rachel that if her date can't accept the lifestyle she leads, he probably isn't worth it. Tanya notices that she upset Rachel's good mood and apologizes, leaving. Rachel, infuriated, knows that Tanya is right and thinks over various jobs she could do that wouldn't interfere with her relationship with Cap.

    The next morning, Rachel calls Tanya, who apologizes once again. Tanya wonders if Rachel is calling because she wants to work with her on the mission, but Rachel declines and asks Tanya if Sidewinder's sister still ran a fashion boutique, since she's looking for a job as a sales clerk.



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