krisis's Captain America #36 - Maelstrom Within review

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Maximum Security Escapee Hijacks Captain America

Captain America's solo title gets sucked into the Maxmium Security story arc for a tie-in issue, though its connection to the main story is tentative at best.

Story & Script
Dan Jurgens conjures a simple means of tying Cap into the larger arc – maybe a little too simple. The action between Cap and the aliens is unremarkable, his motorcycle ride is pure Batman, and Mecurio makes him look like an utter novice. The issue would have been more enjoyable if Captain America was a little more effective and not so reactionary.

Jergens is an undeniable fit for Captain America, and even on this unremarkable issue he doesn't disappoint. His Cap is bold, barrel-chested, and iconic. The only weak point is the battle with Mercurio on the torch of the Statue of Liberty – the static frames of action don't quite track from panel to panel, which makes Captain America's victory a little confusing.

Bottom Line
This is filler in the arc of Captain America and filler in the arc of Maximum Security – that makes it completely inessential. However, if you dig simple one-shots of Cap, or are seeking some safe, disposable issues for a younger reader, this will serve just fine.  

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