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Captain America For A New Generation

By The Angry Comic Book Critic
      Okay I'm just going to come clean here and say it I like Bucky as the New Captain America better than I ever did Steve Rogers as Captain America maybe it cause I wasn't apart of the generation that Captain America was born from but I never could connect with the old cap as I could with the new one because the generation I was born into life has become tougher and crime has gotten worse and it now demands a tougher brand of justice then the one dished out in the 40's and this new Captain America is a symbol of how America needs to adapt to face new threats with a more...aggressive shall we say approach to justice. With that being said lets dive in and review the premier issue of the newest star spangled hero of the modern era.
      This is what I refer to as a "First Night Out" Story which is what I catagorize for any hero's first night out as a costumed adventurer and being this story was Bucky's first night out as the new Captain America it fits right into that catagory. The story itself is pretty simple all it is is the new Captain America and the Black Widow fight a group of A.I.M and R.A.I.D terrorist who are trying to steal from the New York Gold Reserve. Now what I think is just awesome in this story is the fact of how much Bucky makes himself his own Cap by using guns and being willing to use lethal force if necessary cause Bucky isn't Steve Rogers he's an assassin trained to be the best and he uses the skill's as an assassin as such to aid in his war on crime. The Artwork of this comic is just fantastic and is exactly what I've come to expect from Steve Epting since his start on the series and the new suite I have to say just looks great cause honestly I never did like the fish scale style of the original suite. Now I myself prefer the Alex Ross Cover it just seems so much more iconic then the Epting cover unfortunately when I bought the issue all that was left was the Epting cover that will teach me to get to the comic shop a little earlier next time something like this comes up. Now the only real problem I had with this issue is perhaps was a bit to simple it was just to basic of a story for the character despite being very well written
      I'm the Angry Comic Book Critic and this Bad boy gets the Stamp of Approval.

Captain America #34


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