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Is this the NEW Captain America?! "Captain America" is back. First mission: take on A.I.M and R.A.I.D.

The world is in financial chaos as reports of the Kronas Corporation's CEO, Aleksander Lukin's death goes out. Oil prices have skyrocketed. Mortgage prices have gone up and people are starting to protest in the streets.

On a rooftop, the Black Widow asks Bucky if he's ready. When Bucky mentions that he told Stark he wouldn't answer to him, she says she's just there to give him a ride and help if he needs it. She tells him that there's no official record of him. The deal Stark made was a personal one as he can't be seen publicly supporting an unregistered hero. He asks how can she be with him since she's an Avenger. She tells him that the Black Widow lives among shades of grey. She tells him it's time to suit up and she's surprised he helped redesign the suit with Tony. Bucky says he just couldn't wear Steve's uniform. He is not him nor will he pretend to be. He just wants to honor his memory. Also, there's no way he'd let anyone else do it. She comments how she's seen him practicing with the shield yet he's still carrying a gun. Bucky tells her that he's one of the few that could actually handle the shield because of his arm. He still has a gun because he's always carried weapons. Now that he's got a "red, white and blue target" on him, he'll need them more than ever.

They see a crowd of protesters gathering. Bucky mentions that the Red Skull wants to weaken the country's economy. Their reports say that A.I.M. and R.A.I.D. were going after Wall Street's gold reserves. It's up to them to stop them.

A.I.M. and R.A.I.D. are getting ready to make their move when one is hit in the head by the shield. Captain America lives again.

Bucky thinks to himself how he hasn't handled this kind of action since the war. He's used to doing things with a stealthy approach. Charging in blindly was the way Steve did things. He has no problem adapting his methods. He knows that they have no idea who he is and seeing the shield is putting some fear into them. He thinks that he can almost feel Steve there with him.

There's four guys left. One aiming a gun at the Widow from behind. He throws the shield but it goes high above their heads bouncing off a steel structure. They laugh his attempt to stop them. To their surprise they see Captain America pull out a gun and shoot them each one time in the kneecaps. He tells them he threw his shield like that on purpose as it takes out the other agent about to shoot the Widow.

The Red Skull asks Arnim Zola if Faustus is ready for the next phase in his plans. On the S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier, Tony Stark is talking with the Secretary about the recent turmoil. Stark says how Kronas may be behind this. The Secretary says their just playing hardball and Stark asks how much has Kronas donated to him and his friends. The Secretary is outraged at Stark's accusation but they are interrupted by on of his agents. The missing S.H.I.E.L.D. agents have been found. They are outside the White House where a group of protesters have gathered. Fausus says "it's time." The rogue agents lift their guns and begin firing into the crowd, much to Starks horror.



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Captain America For A New Generation 0

By The Angry Comic Book Critic       Okay I'm just going to come clean here and say it I like Bucky as the New Captain America better than I ever did Steve Rogers as Captain America maybe it cause I wasn't apart of the generation that Captain America was born from but I never could connect with the old cap as I could with the new one because the generation I was born into life has become tougher and crime has gotten worse and it now demands a tougher brand of justice then the one dished out in t...

2 out of 2 found this review helpful.

Letting go of the past 0

It was really hard for me to decide whether or not to pick Issues 33 and 34 of Captain America off the shelf. I picked them up. Put them back. Picked them up again and leafed through the pages. Put them back. I finally took the plunge to give the new Captain America a fair shot. This is a particularly big deal since he's my husband's all time favorite comic book character. He took Cap's death really hard and declared our home a MFZ (Marvel Free Zone). Bearing in mind that I risked the backlash o...

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