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SCOURGE OF THE UNDERWORLD TIE-IN! Captain America investigates Marvel's most notorious Super-Villain killer! Can the Serpent Society survive against the Scourge or will justice once again be served?


As he is delivering Princess Python back to the Circus of Crime, Death Adder's Serpent Saucer is damaged while in the sky. His best friend, Anaconda, was supposed to travel with him but begged off in favor of a date to see wrestling at Madison Square Garden. Death Adder, had he not been mute, would be screaming. The saucer crashes into a building and Death Adder kicks himself and the unconscious Princess Python free. He decides to leave Princess Python in an abandoned building while he reports back to Sidewinder to tell him what had happened. He can't call the Serpent Citadel, so he flags down a taxi and directs him towards the headquarters. Suddenly, the taxi driver pulls out a gun and shoots Death Adder in the gut, stating "Justice is served, Death Adder."

At the Avengers Mansion, Namor and Hercules help Captain America bring his belongings into his new room. They leave to prepare for the Rockettes, and Wasp appears, telling Cap how good it is to have him around the mansion again. Cap notes he'll be traveling a lot because there are places that need him. Wasp asks if the traveling will affect his role with the Avengers, and he says it shouldn't. Jarvis interrupts the pair to tell Cap the Wakandan design group are there.

Outside, Cap meets with Kobaru, who shows Cap his new van. A few hours later, Wasp notices that Cap is leaving already, and asks about his job as a comic book artist. Cap replies he still mails in the art to his editor. He leaves, and Wasp asks Jarvis if it feels like an end of an era. Jarvis replies "Or the beginning of a new one, Ms. Van Dyne." Cap excitedly drives around, turning the radio on to hear for any distress calls.

Elsewhere, at the Bar with No Name, Don Thomas, aka Blue Streak, enters. The bartender tells Don about a guy in one of the booths who might be able to get him work. He walks over to him, and the man is Gary Gilbert, also known as Firebrand. He shows him news clippings of various deaths from super-villains, including Enforcer, Titania, Melter, and Miracle Man. Don isn't worried, but Gary wants to form an underground network to investigate the killer. He tells him of the meeting they're forming in a few weeks, but Don is not interested, so he leaves.

Steve, meanwhile, is driving his new van around and looking at all the features. He turns his blue van into red in seconds. Suddenly, he notices something speed past him, and a patrol car not far behind. He switches the monitor to hear the police call, which is about a man on roller skates. Steve drives further up the road to find the police car flipped over and smashed into a tree. Steve pulls the cops to safety and calls for an ambulance. Fifteen minutes later, he drives to a rest stop to use the facilities. He recognizes a man walking from the restroom -- the Blue Streak. He confronts him, to which Don attacks. Don is immediately apprehended, and he believes Steve to be the villain killer Firebrand told him about. He pulls out a laser and shoots at Steve, but misses and hits his car. He flees into the restroom and comes out in full costume as the Blue Streak. It gives Steve enough time to put his Captain America costume on, as well, and the two battle. Captain America is able to dodge Blue Streak's lasers, and throws his shield at one of his roller skates. Blue Streak begins to flee, but Cap chases after him in his motorcycle. Only one of Blue Streak's roller skates are working at full speed, and he is only able to do 75 miles per hour. He notices Cap behind him and skates faster along the highway. He gets far enough ahead to turn around and blast at him with his beams. He then proceeds to throw several tacks onto the ground in order to spin him out. He skates ahead while Cap uses his shield to move the tacks out of the way of his motorcycle.

As he drives further, he cannot find Blue Streak, but finds one of his roller skates by the edge of a cliff. He looks down and finds part of his costume hanging on a branch down below. He decides to go down to check if he's still alive, but Blue Streak set up the diversion in order to outfox him. Up above, he contemplates throwing Cap's motorcycle over, but instead opts to leave so Cap does not know he is alive. He skates slowly down the road until he sees a truck and hitches a ride. The truck driver notices Blue Streak dressed strangely, but Blue Streak brushes it off. Suddenly, a bullet noise is heard and the truck driver says, "Justice is served, Blue Streak."


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