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The Serpent Society get their first paying assignment! The Constrictor gets a deadly visitor! Steve Rogers gets an assignment from a very popular comics company! Captain America gets a strange call from somewhere in middle America! All this and a big, grey monster who used to fight the Fantastic Four!


At St. Vincent's Hospital, Captain America greets the crippled Constrictor. Captain America believes there is a connection between Constrictor's beating and the trio of snakes (Anaconda, Cobra, and Rattler) he battled last week. Constrictor cowardly tells him there is no connection and for him to leave. However, the reason he is in the hospital in the first place is because Anaconda figured out that he had called the Avengers on the group, so she beat him to near-death. The nurse interrupts Captain America and asks him to leave.

After Cap leaves, the nurse pulls out a gun, exclaiming, "I am the scourge of all criminals!" Captain America pops his head in one last time to tell Constrictor to contact him if he changes his mind, when he notices the nurse ready to shoot Constrictor. He flings his shield at her, having her miss Constrictor but setting his bedsheets aflame. She jumps out the window and Cap chases after her. He notices Constrictor bleeding from his shoulder and decides to save him instead of chase after the nurse.

After help arrives for Constrictor, Cap leaves and searches for the nurse. In a nearby garbage can, he notices a nurse's uniform, padding, and a latex mask, which confuses him about the would-be killer. Back in the hospital, the doctor tells Cap that Constrictor is going to make it thanks to him. Cap recommends the officer beef up his security and leaves.

Steve quickly slips on his clothes over his costume and makes his way to the Marvel Comics offices. Nervously, Steve finds Mike, one of the editors at Marvel. Mike looks over Steve's portfolio and is extremely impressed, praising him over and over. He then offers Steve to draw Captain America. Steve tells Mike that Captain America is one of his favorite heroes and that he'd really like to draw him. Mike reveals they had thought about canceling the book because of low sales. He hands Steve some letters for the Captain America book while he goes to get the plot he wants Steve to draw. One of the letters is from a young boy named Bobby, who claims there is an alien or a super-villain living on one of his neighbor's farms, and that he needs Cap to check it out since nobody believes him. Apparently, they get several letters like that one which they can't publish. As Steve leaves, Mike thinks he's the perfect find for Marvel Comics and that Steve would even play a great Captain America in a film.

Meanwhile, in the Serpent Citadel, Sidewinder congratulates all of the members for passing their initation test. They are all full-fledged members of the Serpent Society. Sidewinder gives the Society the task of advertising their services to various criminals and organizations, such as the Zodiac, Hydra, and AIM. He devides them into groups of two to go to each client.

Back at home, Steve is enjoying his drawing of comics, discussing how Jack Kirby could draw an entire issue in five working days. Bernie, meanwhile, is studying and has trouble with Steve's talking. However, she is very happy that he is enjoying his work, but she's worried about her new career choice. Steve asks about the letter he received from Mike earlier, getting Bernie's opinion on it. She says he should call and find out if it is a gag or not.

Steve decides to follow up on the boy's letter, getting into costume and traveling to Ohio. He wonders how many other letters there are for him at Marvel. He meets Bobby and his father outside a mall, and they drive him to the farm. He goes inside and orders them to stay behind a fence. He doesn't notice anything out of the ordinary, until suddenly he is attacked by the Awesome Android, one of the Mad Thinker's creations. Cap throws his shield at the Android, but it has no affect. When Awesome Android forms a hammer out of its fist and smashes it into the ground, Cap takes the time to grab his shield and protect him from any blows. He throws a bail of hay at the Android and then rushes outside to tell Bobby and his father to get in their car.

He returns to the barn to see Awesome Android standing like a sentry, guarding the inside. Captain America realizes the android is guarding something. He notes that Machinesmith had a similar hideout, and that it is possible the Mad Thinker is following his example. Cap travels through various holes in the ground to get further in.

In Manhatten, the Kingpin is greeted by Asp and Cottonmouth. They immediately defeat any guards and then proceed to offer their services to Kingpin. As they leave, Asp comments that they expect to be hearing from them, seeing as Kingpin's hired help had a poor showing. Kingpin wants to know more about the Serpent Society.

Deep under the farm, Captain America can't find a sign of the Mad Thinker at all. He wonders why Awesome Android has an emotional attachment to the place, and as he makes his way back to the top of the farm, he is once again attacked. Awesome Android trips and falls deep below, but pulls himself up. Captain America wraps himself around the Android's shoulders, trying to find a weak spot. Awesome Android eventually grabs Captain America and throws through the wall. Captain America turns around to notice Awesome Android stacking hay bales against the hole in the wall.

Cap sits on a tree stump to plan out why the Android is there. He realizes Mad Thinker must've simply ordered Awesome Android to stay put. He calls to the Android and tells him he deciphered his programming. Awesome Android settles down and replays its last moments with the Mad Thinker, where he ordered Awesome Android out of his ship and out of his sight.

Captain America finds Bobby and his father, and he tells Bobby how harmless Awesome Android is. They drive Cap back to his jet and he leaves. On the ride home, he contemplates how he is so busy taking care of New York and its problems that he often neglects the rest of America.

In AIM headquarters, Diamondback and Bushmaster present their services to AIM. Bushmaster guarantees satisfaction for whatever AIM has need of, and they ask the pair to murder their former leader, MODOK.


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