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Part 3 of the senses-shattering "Death of a Dream" storyline continues the follow-up to Cap's side of the story from Civil War that you can only find here in Captain America -- and all we can tell you right now is, nothing is what it seems! Not even this cover!

Tony Stark finds himself at a press conference yet again informing reporters that there will be no more men to carry the costume, shield, and burden of Captain America. It was also recently announced that Captain America's Shield as well as his uniform would be made a part of a Permanent Captain America Exhibit at the National History Museum. The Winter Soldier plans to visit this exhibit.

Despite the tight security of the event, the Winter Soldier remains anonymous thanks to a jamming device for metal detectors and a false image array for X-Ray machines--both courtesy of Nick Fury. There are armed guards in the exhibit and only a small handful of people are allowed to visit the exhibit at one time. Forced to take a good look once again at the past, this former Captain America sidekick realizes that the shield on display is not Cap's shield. This makes sense because despite all of the precautions taken by the Museum, someone of the Winter Soldier's caliber can see a number of ways to enter the room undetected to take it. He comes to the conclusion that since Stark still holds the shield he is lying about not letting anyone be Captain America again. The Winter Soldier decides that he needs to make sure that no one takes up Cap's duties.

Meanwhile, Sharon Carter is dealing with her own demons concerning her involvement in Cap's death. She can still hear Faustus' voice in her head and see his image when she looks in the mirror-taunting her about being forced to kill Cap. Sitting in her bathroom with a gun she contemplates ending all of the pain permanently when Cap's former partner the Falcon shows up. Sam informs Sharon that Fury discovered Bucky's intention of both stealing Captain America's shield from S.H.I.E.L.D., and the possibility of killing Stark as well. The pair suit up and set off to deal with the Winter Soldier.

At a local SHIELD storage facility Bucky has already put a plan in place to steal the shield back. He sent a re-programmed LMD of Nick Fury into the storage facility to make it look like someone was attempting to steal the shield. Knowing the LMD would be stopped quickly, he programs it to also delete its own programming after being caught.

Just as Bucky suspected SHIELD sends four armored cars out of the facility, supposedly three as a diversion and one housing the actual shield. He waits longer to see one of SHIELD's flying cars exiting the building--the real location of the shield. Bringing down the car he finds that the Black Widow was the agent that Stark entrusted with the shield's care. Bucky finds little trouble in defeating the Black Widow. She is good, but he is better--and he was the one that trained her. Picking up the shield and leaving he is watched by Sharon and Sam who decide that they needed to follow him.

Battered and nursing a concussion Natasha informs Stark of why she believes Bucky took the shield: because he simply does not trust Stark with it. She also tells him that knowing Bucky as she does, she believes that he intends to kill murder him.


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I am a fan of this book now. I have always liked Brubaker's writing and this is some of his finest. I liked the cover and the art also. The art is gritty and matches the situation. Black Widow here has never been sexier. Her showing some emotion is good for her character. Most of the time she does not. Bucky whipped that ass though.I also liked the description of security in this was good...transporting Cap's shield and having diversions. I liked it a lot.Sharon is also becoming a bet...

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