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While the Marvel Universe reels from the bizarre and shocking incidents of last issue, and repercussions ripple outward, the Winter Soldier finally chooses a side, after the Civil War has ended -- his own. But what are the Red Skull and his minions up to behind the scenes, These questions and more will be answered as the most shocking Cap story so far races right through the aftermath of the Civil War!

Sharon and the Contessa are walking to the wake for Steve Rogers and Sharon tells her of her encounter with Tony Stark five days ago. She was standing outside of where Steve's body was being kept. She was enraged that Stark secretly took the body from the hospital. He said they had to because he was the only perfect Super Soldier specimen in the world. When Stark allows her to enter, she sees the horror of what is left of his body. Apparently when he died, the Super-Soldier serum reversed its effects. He is now a withered old man with huge bullet wounds. Crying, Sharon says, "What did I do...?" Stark barely heard her and asks her what she said. She turns around and asks what did he do to Steve. He starts to defend himself saying that seeing Steve like that is killing him. Sharon slaps him for saying that and quits.

The Wake

Sharon sees Falcon and they talk briefly. Other heroes are there including the Thing, Carol Danvers, Simon Williams, and Dum Dum Dugan. She runs into Rick Jones who asks her if she knew that Steve really did love her. She says yeah. She excuses herself to the ladies' room. She hears Sin's words, "Doctor Faustus says remember." She looks at her hands and continues to cry. Falcon also excuses himself and flies off.

The Other Side

The Red Skull watches the news reports with his daughter, Sin. He still has more to his evil plan. Dr. Faustus wants to have another session with him since the Skull is "sharing his mind" with another man. The Red Skull asks Arnin Zola if he's figured out how Dr. Doom's device works. Zola believes he can crack it and reverse engineer it given time. They will be able to have access to time.

The Secret Wake

The New Avengers hold their own wake to honor Steve since they are unable to attend the actual one. Luke Cage, Spider-Man, Patriot, Ronin, Spider-Woman, Night Nurse, Jessica Jones (with their baby), Iron Fist, and Kate Bishop are joined by Falcon. Cage has words with Falcon over his being registered now. Falcon says he didn't want Steve to be buried alone. He told Stark to give him Harlem to watch over and to leave him alone. Spider-Man tells them that he's watched the footage over and over trying to figure things out. He tells them how Steve pushed the officer out of the way and took the bullet. He didn't give up at the end. He was a hero as he died. They raise a toast but Falcon is called away.

How It Begins

Bucky, the Winter Soldier sits drinking at a bar. The news is on and mention of Captain America continues to run. He can't believe that for the past year he couldn't face him and now he's gone. When the bartender mentions that it's a tragedy, another drinker says it's a cover-up and Cap is not dead. Another customer says the only tragedy is the fact that they're burrying him at Arlington, which is supposed to be for heroes, not traitors.

Bucky's hand smashes the mug he was holding. He walks up to the man and tells him to say it again. He goes on about how Cap turned on his own people and dishonored his uniform. Bucky loses it and begins fighting everyone in the bar. When everyone is lying on the ground, he thinks how Cap would be ashamed of his actions. Realizing this makes him miss Steve even more. Falcon arrives. He tells Bucky he needs to get out of there before the police arrive. Bucky insists on paying his tab first. As he walks out, he knows what he has to do next. He has to kill Tony Stark!


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This issue has actually surpassed all my expectations. How can a book be this good when the title hero is dead? I even think that I found this single issue more satisfying then all three Fallen Son issues so far. How Falcon, Sharon Carter and the Winter Soldier are dealing with the death of Steve Rogers is far more interesting then anything that's going on in Fallen Son. It doesn't mean Fallen Son isn't any good... it just means that this issue is far better.Everyone thought that Winter Soldier ...

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