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Captain America faces a vampiric foe known as Baron Blood. Can the Sentinel of Liberty overcome his mesmerizing powers before Baron Blood sinks his fangs into him?

Baron Blood has Captain America in a trance, and sinks his teeth into Cap's neck- fortunately, Cap's chain-mail armor is too thick to penetrate, and the sharp pain brings Cap out of the spell! They grapple again, then the Vampire flees as morning breaks, and thus the manhunt begins to locate the body of Baron Blood before he can strike again. All paths come up dry, however, and the group is forced to change their tactics. They must bait Baron Blood and draw him to THEM!

They use the bait they know Baron Blood cannot resist: Having old Lord Falsworth dress up again as his old foe Union Jack will be too much for the vampire to take.

When the Baron arrives as expected at sunset, however, it is Kenneth Crichton's Roommate Joey Chapman who is waiting in the suit. Together with Captain America the two battle Baron Blood to a standstill! Time is running short for them though, because as the sun goes down, the Baron gets stronger. Quick action MUST be taken while they have the vampire against the ropes, and Cap remembers the advice Lord Falsworth gave him a few days ago: There is Only One Way to Totally Kill a Vampire: by Beheading!

Grimly Cap realizes what must be done, and pinning Baron Blood under him, he raises up his shield, and with a crushing blow, delivers the deadly act!

The story ends with the group destroying all the remains of Baron Blood. After the ceremony, they find that Lord Falsworthn has also passed on. They are satisfied though, knowing that Lord Falswoth died with the knowledge that his evil half brother’s reign was over.

A terrific story full of history and respect for the legacy of the Golden Age of Marvel Comics.

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