Captain America #253

    Captain America » Captain America #253 - Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot released by Marvel on January 1, 1981.

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    When a serial killer runs loose in northern London, Captain America must confront a monster from his past.

    In England, a series of terrible slasher murders are being committed. People are being killed and having the blood drained out of them. Everyone believes it to be the work of some insane serial killer, but elderly Lord Falsworth of Falsworth Manor suspects something a bit more sinister. He believes the culprit to be a VAMPIRE named Baron Blood, and he has good reason to suspect it, because Lord Falsworth was once UNION JACK, the heroic leader of the Invaders, who battled Baron Blood countless times during the war.

    His accusations fall upon deaf ears, however, because he is old and unwell, and everyone believes him to be getting senile. But Lord Falsworth feels in his heart that he is correct, and calls upon the only person whom he knows will believe him: Captain America.

    There is a bittersweet moment when Captain America reunites with his former team mate Spitfire, Miss Jacqueline Crichton. During the war, she was the teenage girl who had a crush on Cap, but to her sad realization, she sees that because of his years in suspended animation, he has remained young, while she has aged many years.

    Lord Falsworth tells Cap that his half brother is back from he dead and will be coming to take his life. He states that his brother will continue to return from the grave until he is killed the only way to properly kill a vampire: beheading.

    All suspicions about Lord Falsworth's brother rising from the dead are laid to rest that night, however, when Baron Blood descends upon Falsworth Manor to take out meddling Captain America. But The Vampire is in for a surprise, when he finds Captain America wide awake and waiting!

    After duking it out, Baron Blood gets the upper hand and as the rest of the household burst into Cap’s room, they see Captain America entranced as Baron Blood prepares to sink his teeth into his Neck!


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