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The Death Of A Legend

By The Angry Comic Book Critic
      Wow....I mean Jesus this has to be the saddest comic I've ever read in my lifeand I mean that in a good way. This comic truly was the Death of the Dream to me Captain America stands for everything America should be Strong, Fair with an uncompromisable freedom that benefits all not just the few and with his death we where shown just how fragile dreams are and how they can fall apart if they are not protected. Now don't get me wrong I'm glad the old Cap is back but by bringing him back it sullies this story and reduces from it's Impact when this came out everyone was talking about it even major news networks like CNN and Captain America's Shield was given a place of honor on the set of the Colbert Report on Comedy Central. I'm not going to lie to you when I first read this comic I hated how hey killed off Cap I thought it was a death unbecoming for a hero of his caliber but now looking back this comic was the best death and the greatest send off he could have gotten. We get to see his impact on the lives of the people around him and how he planned to stand up for the rights of the people when they where being taken away from them out of fear. Time to pay my respects and review this Iconic issue.
       Steve Epting my hat goes off to you for the art work in this issue it is flat out amazing and mixes the perfect blend of light and darkness.that works perfectly with the themes of the issue Freedom, Oppression and Death. Now our story begins with a recap of Cap's origin of how he grew up during the Depression and felt compelled to serve his country in its Darkest hour by volunteering to become the world's first and only Super Soldier. The Comic then Cuts to the present discussing how Captain America is about to go on trial after surrendering in the Civil War. While being led up the courthouse steps Steve proves him self the hero for the last time by saving the U.S Marshall escorting him to the courthouse by pushing him out of the path of an oncoming sniper round which shoots him through the shoulder in the confusion Sharon Carter who had been watching him in the crowd runs up to him as more gunshots ring out and when she reaches Cap he has three more rounds put into his stomach. Meanwhile Bucky after seeing this all unfold chases down the Sniper with the aid of Falcon. The Sniper is revealed to be crossbones and after a brief fight with Bucky he is taken into custody by SHIELD Cape Killers. Cap dies en route to the hospital after telling Sharon that she "takes his breath away". Sin the daughter of the Red Skull infiltrates the hospital where Steve's Body is being kept and finds Sharon Telling her it's time to remember the issues ends showing Sharon Killing Steve. This couldn't have been better if it was a Shakespearean tragedy and is my all time favorite issue of Captain America and the perfect way to lay a legend down to rest. 
      I'm the Angry Comic Book Critic and this is just....Perfect.
Captain America #25

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