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    One Year Later

    Unexpectedly, this issue does not exactly continue the events of the previous one. The whole thing takes place a year later. First thing I noticed was Ian's (the kid) size. He looked like a newborn to me in the last issue, but now he is looking like a six year old with hair bigger than Mowgli's. But that's just a minor fact. Throughout the issue Captain America struggles to keep both alive, as we see well done monologue. The Dimension Z scenario is very interesting and reminded me a bit of Vendaxa, a planet in the Star Wars universe. Remender also makes sure to deliver action, as we see intriguing fights between Steve and the many different creatures in the strange place.

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    The good thing here is that this didn't really look like a Captain America story. Remender delivers a sci-fi related plot that sounds a bit more like Star Wars, so it is much different from what Brubaker did. By the end, we get a thrilling cliffhanger.

    However, it's not like the whole book takes place in the strange dimension. No, Remender delivers flashbacks as we see Steve's childhood. It is a bit sad actually, as the kids are really mean and have horrible dialogue. Forgive me, it's not horrible dialogue. The horrible are the things they say to Rogers.

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    It's hard to see someone appreciating Romita Jr.'s art, and although I can understand why, I do like John's pencilling. I do admit it can be a bit inconsistent sometimes, but it is detailed and has a nice cartoony feel to it. However, Dean White must not be forgotten, as his smooth coloring does help a lot the overall artwork.

    Overall, this was a very fun issue, and much better than the first of the series, although it has a few flaws. There's a lot of action and the scenario is extremely interesting. By the end, Remender delivers a nice cliffhanger. He's taking Cap to a new direction and he has managed to prove that that's a good thing. Captain America #2 gets a 8/10.

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