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Great issue to get you into Captain America 0

This is my first read for the Captain America volume. It is the second issue in the "Shock to the System" story arc. I was worried that I would be kind of lost without having read Captain America 11, which started this arc but I had no such problems. Everything I needed to know was on the first page. There is a new Scourge villain but this one believes what he is doing is saving America. Gyrich is his handler and used to be a high ranking politician/patriot that Captain America got fired last ye...

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Bringing the Goods 0

Wow. This was and amazing issue. Cap has been in a rut lately as kind of a weak book, but last issue and now this one have climbed to a better level. The story is fantastic, giving us more than what we have been getting from Cap lately and I must say the final page left me mind-blown. The art is great and fits much of the mood of the book. I can't say it enough, this book is amazing. Buy it and bag it because you'll want it to stay around. I hope this trend continues. Let's see where this baby g...

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