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While the members of Hydra celebrate the death of Captain America, Madame Hydra recounts her early years in Europe.

The news breaks that Captain America has been shot but still no body has turned up...just a bullet riddlrd costume, along with a very life-like Steve Rogers mask!! At a secret Hydra base, Madame Hydra and her hoards are celebrating their victory! Madame Hydra thinks back to her own origin, and we see it unfold before us in a full page montage. The Avengers are gathered, and await Rick Jones, so he can tell them about those events leading up to Cap's demise. But Rick is still quite shaken, and cannot talk about this yet. He tells the gathered Avengers to call Nick Fury, and then leaves to go and think. Next, the Avengers and Fury are gathered for a funeral service to Cap. His costume has been placed on a wax figure, and lies in the open coffin. Suddenly, Fury notices a card in the coffin....a card with Hydra's logo on it! As soon as Fury touches it, the room is filled with sleep gas, and the Avengers are all placed in seperate coffins by Hydra agents! Rick arrives to find these coffins being loaded into a caravan of cars. He hops on the back of one as they leave,and make their way to a cemetery far out of town. It is here that Rick realizes that those "bins" contain the Avengers!! As he is crouched behind a tombstone,watching, a Hydra agent gets the jump on him, but as this happens.........the scene is shattered by the roar of a motorcycle as Captain America leaps from this and takes out the Hydra agent! CAP IS ALIVE!!!!!! Amassive fight ensues in the graveyard as the hoards of Hydra one by one get trounced!!Madame Hydra tries to escape, but after she has fired heat seeking mini missles at Cap and Rick, she is blown up by the very missles, due to our heroes ducking into a grave pit to avoid them! Cap reveals to Rick that his faked death, and that of Steve Rogers was all part of his plan to convince the world that Cap was NOT Steve Rogers! Now nobody will know who is behind the mask, as Captain America has a secret identity once again!!!

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