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Captain America battles Batroc the Leaper!

There is a seismo-bomb that an enemy spy has brought into the city and Cap must find it! Of course there are other..not so nice people ...looking for it as well; namely, The Swordsman, The Living Laser, and Batroc the Leaper!!!This seismo-bomb can only withstand 3 shockwaves before it detonates. Cap heads for the spot where the spy was captured and is confronted by the three "baddies" As Cap fights these three the first shockwave is sensed! The fight continues and worse...the second shockwave is registered!! Batroc is all that is left between finding the bomb in time and the bomb exploding!They fight, and while in the midst of it....the third shockwave registers!!!Batroc leaves...he doesnt want to be blown up...and Cap looks for and finds the bomb! He presses the release button and a powerful acid corrodes the entire mechanism....thus saving the city!

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