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Captain America agrees to take on a group of next-gen Life Model Decoys in order to test their capabilities.

Open with Cap fighting a bunch of powerful goons!! These happen to be L.M.D.'s as Cap is training at S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters. Afterwards as Cap is debriefing and he tells the Dr. of the frequent headaches he's been getting, he suffers one right there! We see the Red Skull holding the detonator in his clenched fist from hundreds of miles away!And now across the miles the Skull speaks to Cap, telling him of what he has placed on him and that if tampered with, he will blow Washington to bits...he has made him the slave of the Skull! Cap is ordered back to the Skull's hidden isle, to face a final battle with the Skull and his nefarious Exiles! He has no choice....he goes!!!Cap enters into a battle royale as one by one he defeats these goons. The Skull tries to detonate the bomb in D.C. and nothing happens!! Tony Stark has defused the bomb! The Skull gathers up his Exiles aboard his escape craft and they do just that....escape! The nuclear tape is removed from a relieved Cap's neck, and they have won this battle!!!

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