Captain Alcohol

    Character » Captain Alcohol appears in 4 issues.

    Captain Alcohol is a comic book superhero created by the Canadian government to discourage drinking alcohol.

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    Al Cohol was an alien from the planet Barkelda. According to Al, it is an utopia except their lack of alcohol control. Al accidentally created a fire, which killed his family. To forget his woes, he volunteered to a mission in space. However, he crashed on Earth. He was somehow frozen. An Inuit man, Kirnik, found them before Al broke free. After explaining his back story to Kirnik, Kirnik's town was attacked by Ravenmen. The duo managed to escape, but not defeat them. Captain Al ended up defeating a drunk Inuit man and gave a hypocritical anti-alcohol speech. Al fell in love with Lois Alley (a Lois Lane-stand in), who was captured by the villain Billy Vermin. Despite Al's attempt to save her, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police saved the day. Al became upset and got drunk. Lois was killed rampaging muskoxen. Al got even more drunk. He finally managed to defeat a villain in the form of Firey Fritz (Al's father, who transforms into a monster when he drinks alcohol).

    Powers and Abilities

    Al Cohol's powers are poorly defined. He manages to break out of ice (which would require super strength and invulnerability), but otherwise seems to act like a normal human.


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